Garage Door Repair In Hampton Township, Pittsburgh

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    Garage Door Repair In Hampton Township, Pittsburgh

    It’s crucial to address once you find out your garage door is malfunctioning.

    When the problem is neglected for a while, you might need to spend on major repairs.

    After all, minor damage can lead to subsequent and major ones when you don’t repair it as soon as possible.

    As a result, you’re risking yourself and your family to danger, injuries, and accidents.

    For this reason, call a garage door repair in Hampton Township to get your garage door fixed right away.

    A professional residential and commercial garage door service will diagnose the door correctly.

    Rest assured that your garage door is fully functional once again.

    Whether you need a garage door installation and repair or a garage door spring replacement, count on Marksman Garage Doors to provide them for you.

    Call our team, and we’ll inspect your garage door.

    Indicators You Need a Garage Door Repair in Hampton Township

    In this article, we have rounded up some of the common problems for overhead doors.

    These problems can be crucial and need professional overhead door repair.

    1. The Garage Door is Making a Noise

    One of the first apparent signs of a malfunctioning garage door is when you hear annoying rattling, popping, squeaking, and vibrating sounds.

    The noise is probably due to a damaged motor, which causes the sound to appear irregular.

    If you hear the sound from the door’s movement, there might also be problems with the hardware and moving parts.

    With this, consult a garage door repair in Hampton Township to identify the underlying issues.

    1. It’s Difficult to Lift the Garage Door Manually

    Most overhead doors are automatic.

    However, during crucial scenarios such as power outages or maintenance, there is a need to manually lift the door.

    However, if the garage door is impossible to lift, one of the moving parts, such as springs, can no longer hold the tension they store.

    Springs store tension to be able to lift them easily.

    But they degrade over time, especially if your garage door is old.

    Even high-quality springs may break once they degrade due to age and frequent usage.

    1. The Garage Door is Uneven and Sagging

    Observe the garage door’s movement.

    See if the door is halfway closed.

    Is one side of the door lower than the other one? This sign indicates that your garage door is misaligned and off-balanced.

    The problems might be due to damaged tracks, rollers, or other moving parts.

    To identify the underlying issues, consult a professional garage door repair in Pittsburgh to address them.

    1. The Monthly Electricity Bill is Increasing

    Overhead doors are highly convenient but can cause problems when they don’t function properly.

    They can also increase your electricity bill. Why?

    The garage door might not be closing down, which creates gaps at the bottom and sides.

    When this happens, the garage door is letting the cool or warm air escape.

    As a result, you might need to use the air conditioner or heater as often as possible.

    Take note that garage doors offer incredible insulation.

    If the gaps are evident, or if the weather seals are broken, it’s time to address the problems.

    Therefore, you need to inspect this issue with a professional overhead door repair in Pittsburgh to ensure it is addressed correctly.

    1. The Panel has Dents

    There are instances when your kids are playing hockey in the driveway, and they accidentally damaged the panel.

    Another case is if you have bumped the panel door with your car.

    Dents affect the garage door’s operation and will increase wear and tear to the parts.

    Hence, the panel might need significant garage door repair in Hampton Township.

    When in Doubt, Call Marksman Garage Doors!

    To prevent a malfunctioning garage door, you should consider monthly maintenance by yourself or an annual one for major inspections.

    With proper care, you can identify small problems that might turn into bigger ones when left unaddressed.

    This is helpful for garage doors that are both new and old.

    Make sure to check the worn-out moving parts, faulty garage door opener, or off-track doors as they affect your garage door’s operation.

    Or, you can call Marksman Garage Doors to inspect the garage door for you.

    We serve in Pittsburgh areas, such as in Cranberry Township and Hampton Township

    . Call our team in Pittsburgh, and one of our technicians will go to you to fix your garage door as soon as possible.

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