Annual Garage Door Maintenance

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    Annual Garage Door Maintenance

    Garage doors are one of the most frequently used parts of your home, however, it is also the one overlooked the most, oftentimes even the most taken for granted.

    And this shouldn’t be the case at all.

    Overhead garage doors, just like everything else, need to be maintained regularly in order to keep them functioning well and properly.

    Without proper maintenance, it will just keep breaking down on the involved parties, and when this happens, it can do more trouble than you ever expected.

    Some sample problems you might experience if you do not take care of your overhead garage doors include jamming of your garage doors, the presence of loud and unnecessary noises, or your garage doors ceasing all kinds of functions.

    Would you rather subject yourself to these troubles or would you rather instead provide annual garage door maintenance for your doors?

    Well, only you can answer that question.

    However, what purpose exactly does an annual garage door maintenance service provide and how can you benefit from doing so?

    Let’s find out together below.

    What is the purpose of doing garage door maintenance?

    Most of you are probably wondering why exactly it is important to provide your garage doors with proper and regular maintenance services and allow us to help you out.

    Your overhead garage doors are not self-sustaining mechanisms, which means that they will need to be taken care of in order to keep them in good functioning condition.

    Garage door owners need to ensure that they always remain in good condition and the best way to do this is through proper maintenance activities.

    Aside from ensuring that they are being kept in good functioning condition, here are some other purposes as to why garage door maintenance should be done for your garage doors.

    1. Preparing your garage doors for unexpected situations

    Different components and parts that compose your overhead garage doors will eventually degrade over time and this will always be a fact.

    This means that no matter what you do, wear, and tear due to old age and all other unwanted factors is something that you cannot keep delaying forever.

    However, the one thing you can do is to catch the problem early on before it gets worse and have it replaced or fixed right away before it affects the overall performance of your overhead garage doors.

    This is what maintenance is and what it can do.

    Basically, annual garage door maintenance allows you not only to take care and prolong the life spans of your overhead garage doors but also allows you to see their conditions so that you can judge and assess accordingly what you should do next about it.

    As most of you already probably know, garage door maintenance is simply the inspection and repair of your garage door so that it does not disrupt your daily operations.

    Some of the factors which can cause to speed up the wearing out of your garage doors that you should definitely look out for are as follows:

    • Ground erosion (leaves a gap under your garage doors leaving the interior of your doors vulnerable)
    • Extreme temperatures (can speed up the wearing of your garage door’s parts)
    • Formation of rust on its surface (corrodes the part resulting in a break down if not treated accordingly)

    And these are only the most common.

    There a lot more others you should definitely look out for.

    No matter the case or whatever the cause may be, doing preventive maintenance for your overhead garage doors allows you to prepare accordingly for the worst-case scenario and act to it respectively.

    2. Allows you to save from unwanted costs

    Providing your overhead garage doors with proper maintenance services will cost less than having to constantly replace your broken garage door parts.

    With annual garage door maintenance activities, you are able to prolong the already very limited lifespans of your garage door’s different parts resulting in you saving some money along the way.

    Not only are that but, maintenance activities also ensure that the most you need to spend for the cost of the damaged part that needs replacing.

    Comparing this to a situation where your entire garage door needs to be replaced because it can no longer be attended to, you will definitely save more by just replacing minor parts.

    Maintenance allows you to see what needs to be replaced and attended to before the problem escalates at all.

    3. For peace of mind

    Lastly, providing maintenance for your garage doors allows you to have that peace of mind knowing that your doors will never break down on you unexpectedly and that they will function as smoothly as you want them to be.

    With proper and regular maintenance activities, you are given the confidence that your garage doors will always be in the best possible condition.

    Because of this, you do not have to keep worrying about what to do if suddenly your garage doors break down on you.

    It also assures you that your homes are kept safe and protected from any unwanted harm since your garage doors are well maintained regularly.


    Annual garage door maintenance services are indeed necessary in order to keep your garage door in perfect running condition all the time.

    Without maintenance activities, you will probably be finding yourself stuck in a lot of different troubles and problems in relation to your garage doors.

    But where exactly can you get garage door maintenance services for your garage doors?

    If you are looking for a garage door repair company in Pittsburgh that provides different garage door services perfect for your needs, then there’s no one you can trust better than Marksman Garage Doors.

    If you are interested to know more about our different rates and services, then you may reach out to us or visit us at our main office in Pittsburgh.

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