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    Garage Door Repair in Bethel Park PA

    Overhead doors are massive and heavy because of the moving parts and another mechanism that make them up.

    These parts work together perfectly to make sure your garage door is moving smoothly and balanced.

    However, there are cases when a garage door malfunctions.

    This situation happens due to many reasons

    Your garage door may be old already since it only lasts for a maximum of 20 years.

    Or, the garage door parts are almost at the end of their lifespan.

    Another reason is that you don’t take care of it properly.

    Whatever the reason is, once a garage door is damaged, you should seek help from a garage door repair in Bethel Park, PA.

    Avoid a DIY fix as you might be doing it wrong.

    For this reason, a professional garage door service in Pittsburgh is the best way to go.

    Professionals know how to diagnose the problems correctly, and with this, they’ll be able to properly fix your garage door.

    Call Marksman Garage Doors for your garage door concerns.

    We will provide the high-quality service that you need from garage door installation, maintenance, and repairs.

    What You Need to Do Before Calling a Garage Door Repair In Bethel Park PA

    Before you call a residential or commercial garage door service in Bethel Park, PA, let’s look at what you should do to maintain your garage door.

    Inspect the Garage Door

    Look for visible damages such as cracks and dents on the surface and wearing out of the moving parts such as springs, cables, and chains. You may also want to check the bottom of the door if there are gaps.

    Tighten the Garage Door Hardware

    Hardware such as hinges, bolts, nuts, and screws should be tightened. Loose hardware can cause the door to produce unusual sounds, which can disturb your neighbors.

    Adjust the Door Tracks

    There should be no misalignment or bents on the tracks. The rollers must also be in good condition.

    Replace Opener Batteries

    A dead battery won’t operate your garage door at all. If you replaced your opener battery many years ago, it’s time to replace it.

    Lubricate the moving parts

    Rust and corrosion on the parts need lubrication to prevent any damage later on. Make sure to use a silicone and lithium-based lubricant.

    Clean the garage door

    A clean garage door contributes to the aesthetic value of your home. Use a light detergent and water to wash off the dirt. Make sure to clean the solution and the dirt with water afterward.

    Garage Door Parts Which Need a Professional Garage Door Repair in Bethel Park PA

    So when do overhead door repairs require professional help?

    In short, if the garage door parts have visible signs of damage and the garage door is not operating normally anymore.

    Moreover, let’s look at some of the garage door parts that require garage door repair in Bethel Park PA.

    1. Tracks

    If the track is misaligned, bent, or rusted, be aware that a professional garage door service should check it.

    While adjustments can be DIY, it is still not highly suggested.

    The tracks support the garage door in place, and if they fail to do their job, the garage door will break and crash.

    1. Garage Door Openers

    Openers nowadays are automated, and it can be stressful when they get damaged.

    Don’t bother with a DIY fix for an opener since it comprises moving parts and electrical components.

    The chance of successfully fixing an opener by yourself is slim that you might want to seek help from a professional.

    1. Springs

    Springs store a lot of tension and are crucial for the garage door’s operation.

    If they break, it can be dangerous to fix them.

    You might risk yourself to injury when it comes to garage door spring replacement, so better call a garage door repair in Pittsburgh to assist you.

    1. Cables, Rollers, and Other Hardware Parts

    All moving garage door parts are under constant pressure and friction.

    Hence, consider safety when these parts are causing your door to malfunction.

    It’s best to call a professional to get them fixed.

    Receive Best Quality Garage Door Repair in Bethel Park PA

    For most homeowners in a borough like Bethel Park, never try to fix the garage door by yourself.

    After following the maintenance tips above and detecting problems with the garage door, call Marksman Garage Doors for help.

    We serve in Cranberry Township, Bethel Park, and other areas in Pittsburgh. Call us to receive our high-quality services!

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