How to Align Garage Door Sensors Chamberlain

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    How to Align Garage Door Sensors Chamberlain

    Your garage door sensors need proper alignment in order to make sure that the door moves smoothly.

    Eventually, the sensors may misalign, so it is essential to understand and have adequate knowledge on how to align garage door sensors, Chamberlain.

    Garage door sensors have a unique function of preventing the door from closing once it detects any obstructions on the way.

    This is a safety feature that latest garage doors possess, and it’s very helpful for many homes or business owners.

    It allows the users to avoid the risk of damages and injuries when closing the garage door.

    Your garage door has sensors that send and receive signals whenever prompted with a closing command.

    However, if the sensors aren’t in line, the receiver will not get the signals from the other sensor causing your door to remain open.

    Fortunately, it is not extremely complicated to realign your garage door sensors in Chamberlain.

    You can go over to the guide below on how to align garage door sensors.

    Turn Off Your Garage Door’s Power Supply

    Before working on your sensors, make sure to disconnect your garage door’s power supply first for your safety.

    You may also just turn off the switch if you have sensors manually plugged into the garage wall power outlet.

    Wear electricity-resistant gloves when fiddling with the wires.

    Although you’re not going to deal with live wires, it’s always advisable to take precautionary measures when there’s a personal safety concern.

    Loosen the Screws of the Sensors

    Unscrew the mounting brackets of the sensors by loosening the screws.

    Turn the screws in an anticlockwise direction using a screwdriver.

    You only need to loosen the screws.

    There’s no need to remove them all the way.

    Slide the Sensors Down

    After you have loosened the screws, it’s time to slide the sensors down.

    Ensure that you’ve loosened the screws enough so that you can slide the mounting brackets up and down with ease.

    Use your bare hands to slide the sensors downward.

    Slide your garage door sensors as low as possible, and make sure to keep them inside their mounting brackets while doing this.

    Attach a String and Tie the Knot

    Once you’ve slid the sensors to the lowest point possible, attach a string to a sensor and its mounting bracket.

    Then tie the knot firmly, as this can affect the overall operation of your garage door sensor.

    After that, get the untied string end and run it across your garage door opening, rolling it around the other sensor’s center.

    Tie the knot tightly and make sure that the string travels as straight as possible.

    Confirm the String Level

    In order to ensure that the string is running a straight level across your garage doorway, place a level beneath it.

    Press the level manually against the string and keep it in place for a few seconds.

    If the string line is on the right level, you can take the next step.

    If not, try to make some adjustments on one or both garage door sensors.

    Do this until you get the right alignment.

    Tighten the Screws

    After ensuring that the sensors are in line, tighten the screws back again.

    Tighten them to an extent where the garage door sensors will not move even after applying effort.

    Once done, confirm the alignment of the sensors again using the level to make sure that everything will work smoothly.

    Take the Final Step

    Once you’ve done everything and ensure the alignment of the sensors, remove the strings and connect it back to the power supply to test your garage door sensors’ function.

    If something’s not right and you suspect that there’s another problem with your garage door, call a professional technician right away.

    You may also check out this video if you’re having some trouble understanding the steps listed above.


    The sensors are essential parts of your garage door opener.

    These small but vital components are responsible for sending and receiving signals to open or close your door.

    It detects the things or person in the way and prevents your garage door from closing, protecting anything from getting hit by the door.

    You probably don’t want to see your car dented or, even worse, injure someone with a door not working properly because of misaligned sensors.

    When your garage door sensors work correctly, your worries about such situations won’t be necessary.

    If you’re up for the challenge and hassle of realigning a garage door sensor in Chamberlain, you may choose to do it yourself.

    However, your best bet for a fast, safe, and convenient garage door sensor realignment is to seek professional assistance from a well-experienced repairman company in Chamberlain.

    We at Marksman Garage Doors will take all the hassle and risks of aligning sensors off your hands.

    Our certified team works round the clock to deliver timely and professional garage door repair services to all residential and commercial clients in Chamberlain.

    We deeply understand the importance of having a fully functional garage door sensor.

    That’s why we take quick action to address your worries.

    Schedule an appointment with Marksman Garage Doors right now.

    Our dedicated and well-equipped team is ready to serve you anytime!

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