How To Fix A Noisy Garage Door

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    How To Fix A Noisy Garage Door

    One of the most common tell-tale signs if there is something wrong going on with your overhead garage doors is when it starts making loud unnecessary noises during operation.

    Usually, if you find yourself in a situation like this, it means that something may be going wrong with any of your garage door’s components.

    In order to deal with a problem like this, the best way you can do is know more about the different possible reasons why such a thing is happening to your doors and how you can fix them accordingly.

    Depending on the problem at hand, it can be fairly easy to deal with your noisy garage doors.

    So, are you ready to permanently get rid of all that unnecessary noise your garage doors have been making?

    If so, then here are some tips on how to fix a noisy garage door.

    Fixing a noisy garage door

    ‘How to fix a noisy garage door?’ – most of you probably have this question in mind which allowed you to bump into this article.

    Well, allow us to tell you how.

    As you all probably know, when your garage doors keep making all these unnecessary noises, it can be really unpleasant especially to the involved parties.

    Imagine having to deal with all that loud and screeching noises — who would want that for their overhead garage doors?

    So, in order for you to deal with the problem accordingly, the very first thing you need to know is finding the cause of the problem.

    Being able to pinpoint exactly where all that noise is coming from will allow you to assess the problem properly and be able to provide a proper solution for it.

    And to be able to pinpoint the source of the problem, you need to have some basic ideas as to how it leads to this development.

    Now, this is necessary because depending on what may be the problem at hand is, the way of handling the problem can vary significantly and greatly.

    Now, there are a lot of possible reasons regarding why your garage doors keep making all these noises such as broken rollers, broken cables, snapped springs, rusty garage door opener chains, etc and we cannot possibly cover all of this in one sitting.

    So in this article, we will be focusing on the most common issues that can lead to the said problem.

    So, without further ado, here is a list of some of the most common reasons as to why your garage door is making all that unwanted noise:

    #1 Lack of Lubrication

    If your garage doors are making a lot of loud screeching noises whenever you lift them open and close, then it is possible that your garage door may be suffering from a lack of lubrication.

    Garage doors, just like everything else, need to be taken care of, and the best way to do exactly that is by regularly lubricating them.

    Simple as the activity may seem, lubrication can go a long way and can provide you with some benefits from doing them.

    The simple act of lubricating your overhead garage doors allows you to not only make operations a lot smoother than usual but as well as prolong the lifespan of each of your garage door’s different components.

    Aside from that, applying lubrication can also be considered as a good preventive measure against rust formation and corrosion which eats up your door’s metal components.

    It prevents the formation of moisture on your door’s surface and can loosen the rust that has already formed on your garage door’s surface allowing you to remove them.

    So if your garage doors are making a lot of noise, try having them lubricated and see if that solves your problem.

    #2 Loose garage door hardware

    When your garage door has loosened parts somewhere, they tend to make a lot of noise especially if your garage doors are in function.

    These noises are oftentimes identified as loud clattering noises.

    If the noise that your garage door makes can be identified as such, then most probably, somewhere in your garage door’s entire mechanical system, something has gone loose.

    Now before things escalate and become worse, you have to be able to look for the loose garage door part and deal with it accordingly.

    Once you have located it, make sure you tighten the bolts and brackets holding it in place in order to reduce the noise your door is currently making.

    For a better effect, try replacing the nuts, bolts, and screws of the loosened part with newer ones as the previous ones might have loosened because of the wear.

    Doing so will make sure that they are kept tightly and securely in place.

    #3 Broken garage door components

    Lastly, when your garage doors are making loud noises whenever it is in operation and none of the above suggestions can seem to solve the problem, then most probably somewhere in your garage door’s system, you have a broken garage door part.

    This can be more complex depending on what could possibly be causing the problem at hand.

    Depending on which part of your garage door has deteriorated, you should proceed cautiously and carefully on what course of action you should take.

    If the problem seems minor or easy enough, you can try tinkering with it yourself however if it seems way beyond your skill level, then it is best to ask for assistance from your local garage door repair company.


    Garage doors are one of the most frequently used parts of your home and when it starts having problems like this, no matter who it is, it can be pretty bothersome.

    But this much is to be expected of garage doors as they are simply just machines.

    Having a noisy garage door can mean a lot of things but no matter what it may be, you have to make sure that you address it as soon as you can before you make things a whole lot worse.

    Hopefully, with this article, we are able to help you answer your questions about how to fix a noisy garage door.

    If the suggestions above do not seem to solve your problem, then go to the closest garage door repair company near your place and ask for assistance with your problem.

    It is possible that the problem may have been caused by something even more complex than you previously thought.

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