How To Fix Garage Door Cable

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    How To Fix Garage Door Cable

    Each component of your overhead door system is important.

    One vital component is the garage door cables.

    They play an essential role in the overall functionality of your overhead door.

    This means that your garage door cannot operate well without the cables.

    Since these components work with other garage door parts, it’s essential to ensure that everything is working without any problems.

    If you have unexpectedly experienced a garage door cable problem, take the right action immediately.

    Your first step would be to check where the problem is coming from.

    Ensure that the area or garage door is safe or turned off before trying to do an inspection yourself.

    If you don’t know how to fix garage door cables, do not attempt to dismantle the parts if you cannot put them back together.

    You might put yourself at serious risk and cause more damages to your garage door system.

    When a cable suddenly snaps, it can cause the entire door to fall without warning.

    This situation can be dangerous, especially if someone or an object is right below the door or near the area.

    In order to solve your garage door cable problem, here’s a helpful and effective guide on how to fix garage door cable.

    Pay Close Attention to Indications of Damages

    Most garage doors last for many years.

    However, components such as garage door cables may need repair and replacement now and then.

    It could be after five or ten years or maybe earlier.

    Garage door cables are part of the heavy-duty components of your overhead door system — that’s why they need extra attention.

    These components can eventually wear and break without any warning, leading to accidents and injuries.

    Do not wait until something drastic happens due to a snapped or broken cable.

    Watch out for any early signs of damages to fix them right away.

    Here are some indications you need to look out for:

    • Misaligned garage door
    • The garage door is moving unusually fast
    • The garage door cable is falling
    • Loud and unusual sound from your garage door
    • Defective bearings

    After many years of exposure to changing weather and other elements, your garage door cable can get damaged.

    You might spot some rust and corrosion of your garage door cable, which may indicate that it’s due for a repair or replacement.

    Identify Which Type of Garage Door Cable Needs a Repair

    There are various types of garage door cables.

    However, they perform the same function.

    Each type of garage door spring has an equivalent cable.

    Some garage door components may also require a separate cable.

    Here are the types of garage door cable you can commonly found on every overhead door system:

    Extension Spring Cable

    This type of cable is linked to the end of your garage door extension springs.

    It helps in lifting the garage door and recoils the extension spring back in place.

    Torsion Spring Cable

    This cable connects to the torsion spring and attaches to your garage door’s bottom part.

    It supports the torsion spring in order to lift the heavy door with ease.

    Emergency Cable

    The emergency cable keeps the springs in the right position in case of an unexpected breakdown.

    It is a safety precaution that helps prevent damages and injuries to things and people near the area.

    When fixing a garage door cable, it’s essential to know which type you will repair.

    If you are unsure of what cable type needs servicing, you may contact a garage door repair technician near you for assistance.

    Reliable Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement

    An old garage door cable that’s beyond repair will typically need a replacement.

    You must have your garage door cables checked regularly to spot the damages earlier.

    When replacing a cable, you must first release the tension and turn off the garage door opener.

    Open the door manually and use c-clamps on both sides to keep the garage door up and in place.

    After doing this, it will be much easier to detach the springs and remove the damaged cable.

    Place the new cable and attach the springs back.

    You can then remove the c-clamps and turn on the garage door opener.

    Test your garage door and make sure that everything is working properly.

    When in doubt, always seek the professionals’ help.

    You can get in touch with a trusted garage door repair company near you for reliable cable fixing.


    A garage door cable emergency can happen anytime.

    When this problem occurs, you will need an urgent solution.

    If you know how to fix garage door cable correctly, you may attempt a DIY solution for your problem.

    However, the best way to tackle such a dangerous and inconvenient situation is to contact the experts at Marksman Garage Doors.

    Our well-rounded team is always ready to serve you with top-notch garage door cable repair at any moment.

    Simply call us, and our expert technicians will travel to where you are right away.

    Get on the line with Marksman today!

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