How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks

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    How To Adjust Garage Door Tracks

    Garage doors have tracks guiding the rollers up the ceiling and down the floor.

    It is inevitable for these tracks to end up misaligned after using your garage door for quite some time.

    Many factors can cause garage door track misalignment.

    Maybe it is due to an accidental impact or other worn-out or corroded components.

    If you notice that your garage door tracks are not in line and need an adjustment, better take necessary actions immediately.

    A large gap between the garage door and its weather-stripping may also cause track misalignment.

    When faced with this problem, it is essential that you know what to do.

    If you’re in doubt and need some help, here’s how to adjust garage door tracks for your guide.

    Steps to Adjust Garage Door Tracks

    Garage door tracks can be simple yet complicated to align.

    But here are some helpful steps you can follow for a proper track adjustment.

    Loosen Screws and Bolts

    When adjusting the tracks of a binding garage door, you need to loosen the screws first using a screwdriver.

    Make sure to loosen the screws enough before taking the next step.

    For a garage door with a gap problem on the bottom part, loosen the bolts that secure the tracks to its lower bracket with the use of a wrench.

    Confirm if the bolts are loosened, and then proceed with the next action.

    Adjust Track Position

    Using a rubber mallet, adjust the track position carefully.

    Do not use a hammer because it may damage your garage door tracks.

    Exert optimal force to correct the position of your door track.

    You may also opt to use a level tool to get the right position and prevent mistakes in the adjustments.

    When adjusting door gaps, you can move one of the tracks on either side until there’s only about a quarter-inch left on the gap.

    Remember to do the same thing with the opposite track and ensure that they have uniform gaps.

    Tighten Screws and Bolts

    After making the right adjustments, you can tighten the screws and bolts back to finish the job.

    If necessary, take the steps again to adjust other garage door tracks.

    Why You Need to Adjust Garage Door Tracks

    Your garage door performs its opening and closing functions with the help of both the rollers and tracks.

    The tracks provide a guide for the roller to run from the ceiling down to the floor.

    There’s also an individual track on each side of the doorway.

    These tracks help your garage door run smoothly.

    That’s why when they get damaged or misaligned, your garage door may fail to operate as it should.

    A misaligned garage door track can cause some issues which need an immediate solution to keep everything in place.

    It is vital to make the necessary adjustments right away before something out of hand happens unexpectedly.

    If you don’t know how to adjust garage door tracks, there’s no need to panic.

    You can call an expert garage door repair technician to realign them for you.

    Hire the Pros

    Garage door track adjustments might not be for you.

    Although the steps are quite simple, you may lack time to execute everything due to busy schedules and other engagements.

    You may also don’t have the right tools for the job, and buying them might cost you a lot more than hiring professionals.

    If you want to take the trouble off your hands, you can always choose to get help from a certified and trusted garage door repair company in your area.

    Hiring a well-trained team is the best way to adjust your garage door tracks without having to exert much effort and waste time in the process.


    Now that you know how to adjust garage door tracks, it will be much easier to fix future issues yourself.

    Following the steps mentioned earlier should make your garage door move freely without any binding or chafing issue.

    However, if you encounter further problems when adjusting the tracks, don’t leave it to yourself.

    Consult the expert technicians of Marksman Garage Doors and get the best solution.

    We will remedy your track issue and other garage door concerns.

    Don’t let yourself suffer from the consequences of DIY track adjustments.

    Allow our team to assist you and free yourself from all the burdens.

    Call us anytime for bookings!

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