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Kennewick Theft Suspect and Weird Tattoo Tied to Stolen Car

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    Kennewick Theft Suspect and Weird Tattoo Tied to Stolen Car

    How to Adjust Garage Door Opener

      Kennewick Police are working with Pasco Officers to try to ID this suspect.

    Apparently, he’s been rather busy. Recently he was captured on camera stealing merchandise from the Kennewick Walmart. What he took was not divulged by Police, but when he left the store, he was in a Subaru reported stolen out of Pasco.

    Being the “concerned” citizen that he is and wearing his mask, probably more for disguise than public health concerns, he’s been difficult to ID.

    However, he does have a rather distinctive tattoo on his forearm. We flipped the image over so you can see what it looks like. Kind of like a cross between a Harry Potter Death Eater and the Grim Reaper with his hoodie.

    Anyone who may know who he is you’re urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

    One would think if a person is going to commit crimes, and they have noticeable tattoos, they would cover them up. Guess not. Here’s a little background about the stolen Subaru from the Pasco PD:

    “RECOVERED! This car was recovered empty and undamaged (except that the thief smoked inside it) on Wednesday at about 2:30 PM, after it was used as the getaway car in KPD case 21-27185 Shoplift at the Walmart on Quillan. #thanksKPD!

    STOLEN BLUE 2015 SUBARU LEGACY, WA LICENSE ARW5899: The attached photos are of the actual stolen car. It was taken from the 4500-block of Crescent Road (west of Chapel Hill Blvd, north of Road 108) on Tuesday morning at 2:30 AM. The garage door was inadvertently left open and a spare key was…

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