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Garage Door Slams Shut

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    Garage Door Slams Shut

    Garage Door Slams Shut

    When your garage door slams shut on you, this could be a clear indication that there is something wrong going on with your overhead garage doors.

    After all, this is not something that you would consider normal about overhead garage doors so if you ever find yourself in a situation like this; make sure you have it fixed right away.

    But what exactly does it says when your garage door slams shut on you?

    Garage doors slamming shut on you is an indication of a weak garage door spring which means that most probably your garage door’s spring is no longer in good condition and is about to break down on you.

    However, what exactly can you do when you find yourself in a situation like this?

    Allow us to help you understand the problem itself and guide you with the different things you can do when your garage door slams shut on you.

    Why your garage door slams shut on you

    There are a lot of reasons which could potentially lead to having your garage doors slam shut on you however the most common cause of this problem is either a faulty spring or your close force adjustment settings.

    However, of all the other possible reasons, the main reason for this occurrence is having a worn-out or damaged garage door spring.

    Your garage door spring is responsible for a lot of different things such as lifting your door open, keeping it on hold when open, supporting and counterbalancing the door’s weight, etc.

    So when your garage door becomes no longer able to support your door’s weight, it results in it dropping your garage door and slamming it close.

    Although this can be delayed, it is undeniable that eventually, your spring will cease to serve its purpose and thus break down in the process as your garage door spring only has a limited amount of cycles.

    If your spring seems fine, another possibility for the slamming issue could be due to your garage door opener’s closing force adjustment settings.

    For those who are not well-acquainted with the term, this setting allows you to decide on the force needed to lift open and close your garage doors.

    This is usually adjusted depending on your garage door’s weight and other factors such as weather conditions, wear and tear issues, etc.

    It must be properly set since if the force is too low, your garage door opener will have a hard time lifting open or closing your garage door and if it is set too high, it will result in your garage door slamming which can potentially lead to other problems as well.

    Whichever it may be, make sure you contact your local garage door repair technician to help you out with the problem.

    Do not attempt to tinker on this as doing so can be dangerous and can put your safety at risk.

    Common indicators of a faulty garage door spring

    As previously mentioned, this problem is mostly caused by your garage door spring weakening or wearing out.

    Thus, the best way you can deal with it is to know how to clearly tell if your spring has started to go bad.

    To help you out, we have listed below some of the most common tell-tale signs or indicators that will tell you that it is probably time to have your garage door spring replaced.

    1. Heavy Garage Doors

    Overhead garage doors were made in such a way that it can be lifted manually as easily as possible and thanks to your garage door springs, this is made possible.

    However, once the spring starts to go bad, the tensile load it can support begins to decrease as well and when it happens, you will feel as if it has become heavier to lift your garage doors manually.

    When it comes to this, then you should definitely consider changing your garage door springs.

    2. Garage door unable to open completely

    This is another symptom that develops once your garage door’s spring starts to deteriorate.

    Since your spring can no longer bear the extra weight, the tendency is, when you open your garage doors, it is unable to open completely anymore.

    This is because the spring can no longer provide the required torque force to do so.

    You may deal with this problem temporarily by adjusting your open force settings however, it is still well recommended to have your garage door’s springs replaced before things get to worse.

    3. Presence of gaps in springs

    Last but not least, another thing you should look out for in your springs is the presence of gaps and the like between your spring’s coils.

    The presence of gaps on your garage door springs means that your spring has gotten weaker and has begun to lose its elasticity.

    This tells you that it will no longer be able to perform like it used to and if you leave this unattended any longer, this could result in a lot of other problems surfacing.


    When your garage door springs start to become defective or no longer function as it should, the best way to deal with it is by having them replaced as soon as possible before things get worse.

    This can be done by either doing the task yourself or reaching out to a professional.

    However, in order not to compromise your safety, it is recommended that you leave a job such as this with a trained professional as replacing your garage door’s spring can be dangerous and risky especially if not done properly.

    If you live in Pittsburgh and are looking for a garage door repair company near you that can provide you with garage door spring replacement services, then you should definitely choose Marksman Garage Door.

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