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Garage Door Jerks When Closing

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    Garage Door Jerks When Closing

    Garage Door Jerks When Closing

    Does your garage door often gets jammed or jerks and shakes a lot when you try to close it?

    When your overhead garage doors jerks or shakes a lot when you attempt to close it, it is mostly because of misaligned or damaged garage door tracks.

    The track is a part of your garage door’s mechanical system that ensures the path it takes when lifting it open or close.

    Basically, they are responsible for setting the way in which your garage door opens or closes.

    Depending on the type of door you have, your tracks can be located either on the sides, the top, or the bottom of your garage doors.

    Garage door tracks can be considered as one of the minor parts of your garage door, but this is maybe something you shouldn’t take for granted.

    A lot of things can go wrong when a problem like this is left unattended or ignored.

    But what exactly can you do when your garage door jerks when closing?

    What makes your garage doors jerk?

    Before you get to fix your ‘garage door jerks when closing’ problem, you have got to know and understand why it happens.

    Doing this will allow you to know how to respond accordingly if ever you do find yourself in a situation like this again.

    Basically, a garage door functions because of three major elements – your garage door, your garage door opener, and your garage door spring.

    Without any one of these can make it potentially difficult to have a functioning overhead garage door.

    The garage door is the thing that opens and closes, the garage door opener is what lifts them open and close, and the spring supports the door’s weight making it easier to open manually or through our garage door openers.

    These three parts working together is basically what gives your garage door the ability to open and close.

    Now, in order to lift your garage doors open and close smoothly and without any hitch, you will need your door’s rollers and tracks to help you do so.

    However, if you have any debris on your tracks, have misaligned tracks, or any damages on them such as dents, then it could cause your garage door to jerk whenever you lift it open and close.

    Worst, you might even have it jammed somewhere along the way.

    Aside from your door’s tracks, other possible, although uncommon, reasons as to why the jerking problem happens with your garage doors could be also due to your opener’s chain, belt, or motor.

    What to do when the garage door jerks when closing?

    Now that you understand the concept behind the problem at hand, it is now time to answer the question regarding what you can do when you find yourself in a problem such as this.

    So what exactly can you do in a situation like this?

    When your garage door jerks when closing, the first thing you should do is check your garage door’s tracks and roller.

    Look for any misaligned tracks or dented tracks and any damaged rollers that could possibly be the reason behind all the jerking.

    For dented garage door tracks, try to assess the damage on them further.

    If the damage is minor, then try to straighten it out by hammering the dented area with a wooden or rubber mallet until it straightens out completely, however, if the dent is bigger or cannot be dealt with simply hammering it, then consult your garage door repair technician regarding the best course of action you should take.

    If the damage is irreparable, then have your garage door’s tracks or rollers replaced.

    Also, you should consider checking your garage door’s screws, nuts, bolts, hinges, wall mounts etc.

    It can also be possible that the jerking of your garage door is brought upon loosened parts or components of your garage door.

    If this is indeed the case for you, make sure you have it resolved right away before things start to get even worse.


    When your overhead garage doors start acting off or weirdly, then it is probably an indicator that something may be wrong with it, which in this case could be your garage door’s tracks.

    Assessing the problem can be easy but the tricky part comes with what you should do in order to address it properly.

    After all, recklessly rushing in with your head first can only make matters worse for your overhead garage doors.

    If the problem seems easy to handle, then you can go ahead and tinker with it.

    Replacing, adjusting, and repairing garage door tracks can easily be accomplished after all as long as you have the proper tools and equipment for the job.

    However, if you have no idea exactly what you should do in order to fix your garage door, then do stop tinkering with your door and ask for professional help.

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