How to Adjust Garage Door Opener

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    How to Adjust Garage Door Opener

    Your garage door system is one of the most frequently used moving equipment in your home or business, which you probably don’t give much thought unless something goes wrong.

    The problem can happen without any warning, and since it’s a piece of heavy equipment with a lot of moving parts, it can give you quite a headache.

    Incorrect adjustments on your garage door, especially on the opener and sensor, may damage the entire system.

    It can affect the lift mechanism and motor and cause harm to your property and the people around it.

    If you’re not careful, something worse could happen.

    That’s why knowing how to adjust garage door openers accurately is essential to keep your property safe and in full security.

    The right adjustments will prevent any garage door movement problem, making you feel at ease all the time.

    Safety Warning

    Before anything else, remember to take extra care when adjusting your garage door opener.

    Opening the door too far or closing it too quickly may damage the system or the motor.

    When closing, you have to make sure that the bottom fits correctly against the floor, not too compressed or thumping.

    When opening, see to it that the arm bracket does not run all the way into the garage door motor.

    Opener Adjustment

    Your automatic garage door opener determines the right positions of your door when it opens and closes.

    An incorrect adjustment on the opener may cause your garage door not to open fully or close properly.

    It can also cause a reverse reaction which means that the door will immediately open after you close it.

    You may try to adjust the opener’s limit positions, and the resistance needs to keep the door in place.

    Refer to your door opener’s manual for accurate instructions on how you can do this, or you can watch this short video for a guide.

    Garage Door Won’t Open Fully

    If your garage door won’t fully open, here’s what you can do to fix it:

    • Open your garage door by pressing the remote control button and take note of the distance between the opening and the bottom of the door in inches.
    • Find the limit switch adjustment screw on top of your garage door opener’s side.
    • Turn the screw in a clockwise direction with a flathead screwdriver.
    • Make a full turn if you need to raise the door at 3 inches.
    • Do this repeatedly to open the door fully.
    • Test the opening and closing function of your garage door.
    • If the same problem occurs, try to adjust the up limit switch again until the door functions normally.

    Garage Door Won’t Close Completely

    For a garage door that doesn’t close all the way, you can follow these steps to solve your problem:

    • Close the door using the remote control. Once it stops, get the distance between the floor and the bottom part of your garage door in inches.
    • Turn the down limit switch screw using a flathead screwdriver in a counterclockwise direction.
    • For every 3 inches you need in order to lower the door, make one full turn until it closes completely.
    • Test if your garage door is opening and closing properly.
    • If the problem does not go away, continue the adjustment process until your overhead door works without any issues.

    Garage Door Closes & Opens Again by Itself

    If you press the remote button to close your garage door and it suddenly starts to open again, you have to make some adjustments to its down limit switch.

    Adjust the down limit switch screw using a screwdriver on a clockwise turn.

    Do this one turn at a time until you see that your garage door is operating normally.


    Adjusting your garage door opener can be a simple job.

    You just need the right tools and skills in order to make the correct adjustments.

    However, it comes with risk if you’re doing it yourself, as you can make mistakes during the process and cause damages to your garage door components.

    If you want to avoid all the hassle and burden of adjusting a garage door opener, don’t hesitate to make a call at Marksman Garage Doors.

    We are a local garage door repairman company near you.

    Our team offers a complete set of garage door repair services for all residential and commercial clients.

    We can make the necessary adjustments for your garage door opener and get your overhead door system back in full operation.

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