How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

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    How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

    Once you notice that there’s a gap in your garage door even when it’s closed, you have to take action and make necessary adjustments right away.

    A garage door gap might leave you worried about the security of your property.

    It can make your garage door system vulnerable to threats from your surroundings, especially thefts.

    Since your garage door is one of the main entrances in your home or commercial space, ensuring its optimum security is always a priority.

    So when there is a gap in your garage door, never ignore it as you might have to face the consequences later on.

    If you want to fix this problem, here’s how to adjust a garage door gap to keep you going.

    Inspect Your Garage Door Weather Seal

    Your garage door’s bottom part has a rubber seal or a flexible material that compresses whenever the door closes.

    It seals the gap between your garage door and the floor to keep the water or the snow out during severe weather conditions.

    Check if there are gaps on this part or if there’s a misalignment on your garage door weather seal.

    If so, then you need to move them, bringing them back to their position.

    In some cases, you will have to replace your weather seal, especially if it’s worn-out and can’t be of good use anymore.

    Check the Tracks

    Notice the alignment of your garage door when closing it.

    If it’s not perfectly vertical, you can have problems with gaps around your door later on.

    You can fix this yourself by taking a closer look at the tracks where your garage door runs.

    See if both the tracks hold your door at the same distance from the bottom seal.

    If not, you have to loosen the bolts and move them a bit to draw the door closer to the bottom seal.

    When in doubt, you can get the help you need from a garage door repair company in your area.

    Adjust Your Garage Door’s Limit Switches

    The limit switch determines where your garage door finishes when you close it.

    If something’s not right, it will cause a gap.

    You can adjust your garage door’s limit switch to compress the bottom seal to the floor tightly.

    Doing so will help you secure your garage from the threats of severe weather and pest infestation.

    You may refer to your garage opener’s manual to know how you can adjust your door’s limit switches.

    Replace the Bottom Seal

    If your garage door’s bottom or weather seal is the problem, replace it right away.

    You can do this on your own.

    Get a new seal and follow the instructions carefully for the best result.

    Make sure that it will close your garage door gap completely.

    Put Some Concrete on the Floor

    Your garage concrete floor may settle eventually, creating a gap between it and the door.

    If this is the case on the flooring of your garage, try to put additional concrete on the floor to elevate it and restore it up to the right level.

    Doing so will let you create a flat surface and close the gap between the floor and your garage door.

    Trim or Replace Your Garage Door

    If your garage door is wooden, you can opt to trim it down to fit the frame.

    You may use a jigsaw or try to sand off the bottom part so that it will fit properly.

    If it’s not a wooden garage door you’re dealing with, you may have to look for an overhead door replacement when other options fail to work.


    The steps mentioned above on how to adjust a garage door gap have covered most of the problems you will have to face with your garage door.

    However, sometimes you cannot tell what has gone wrong with your garage door by simply doing the inspections and adjustments yourself.

    If you’re certain that you have carefully checked every part of your garage door to the extent of your ability but still end up with the same problem, it’s time to call on the professionals.

    Fortunately, you’ve got Marksman Garage Doors to rely on for such types of concerns.

    We can come to where you are and do a thorough inspection of your garage door.

    Our expert technicians will identify the cause of your garage door gap and provide an effective solution right on time.

    If you’re in doubt, don’t ever hesitate to call us for the best quality of service.

    Contact us at Marksman to fix your garage door gap problems right away!

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