How to Adjust Garage Door Cable Tension

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    How to Adjust Garage Door Cable Tension

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    Your garage door can fail for many reasons.

    Most of the problems can be easy to fix.

    However, issues that involve garage door springs and cable tension will not be an easy job.

    A garage door problem that comes from the cables tends to be more complex.

    You will need the proper cable tension in order to make your garage door move without any issues.

    When your garage door doesn’t get the right level of tension, it may raise or lower at an incorrect pace which can be dangerous.

    Although modern garage doors have enhanced security and protection features, you have to pay extra attention to their heavy-duty components, especially the springs and cables.

    These components support the heavy lifting of your garage door, which is why they are on extreme tension.

    If your garage door cable gets damaged, it affects the level of tension that your garage door receives.

    Learn how to adjust garage door cable tension by going over to this article.

    But remember, working with cables that are under tension by yourself involves risks.

    Your best takeaway is to let the specialist handle the job for you.

    If you think you’re capable of doing it, you can watch this video for some helpful instructions or follow these steps on how to adjust garage door cable tension.

    But first, let us discuss the role of your garage door cable.

    How Does a Garage Door Cable Works?

    You may wonder about the main function of your garage door cable.

    This component is typically among the most vital features of your garage door system.

    Whenever you lift or close the door, the cable travels further into the torsion springs, simply supporting the overall movement of your garage door.

    The resistance spring gives off the lifting power to move the heavy steel door.

    It can be under tremendous tension, which can put your safety at risk once it suddenly breaks.

    If you’re not careful, you can get serious injuries from it.

    On the other hand, the garage door cable serves as protection from spring recoil during a spring failure.

    A sudden failure of torsion springs can be devastating and may be lethal.

    If a correctly cabled spring breaks, the door will fall to the bottom.

    That’s why it is essential to keep the cables in good shape to avoid massive harm and injury from happening.

    Adjusting Your Garage Door Cable Tension

    If you need to get your garage door cable tension back to the right level, follow these steps for a safe and effective result:

    Prepare the Needed Tools

    Before you begin, you need to gather all the needed tools and protective gear to adjust your garage door cable tension.

    • Safety glasses, gloves, and hard hat
    • Solid ladder
    • Adjustable wrench
    • C clamps and pliers
    • Flathead screwdriver
    • Wire cutters

    Undertake Safety Measures

    If your garage door comes with an automatic opener, make sure to disconnect it from the power supply.

    This is to avoid any electrical mishaps from happening when taking on how to adjust garage door cable tension.

    Also, don’t forget to wear safety gear when doing the job by yourself.

    Secure Your Garage Door

    Use the remote control to close the door completely.

    A slight gap between the pavement and the bottom of the door may indicate that the cables are off the track or uneven.

    Shut the door as low as possible.

    If you see a slight opening, never try to push it down yourself.

    Instead, detach your garage door opener from the drive chain by pulling the cord linked to it.

    Loosen the tension of the springs by opening your garage door.

    Use your bare hands to lift it open.

    Secure the door with c-clamps to make it stay in place and avoid any accidental fall.

    Get Your Garage Door Cables in the Correct Position

    Disconnect your garage door cable.

    You will see one end looped around the rollers while the other one hooked to a lock on the doorway, securing it to the frame.

    Look for the frame with holes — this is where you will hook one end of the detached cable to tighten the wire.

    You may also have to make necessary adjustments to the cable bracket.

    If there’s too much gap, use pliers to remove the bracket, then tighten it by pulling the cables to the frame.

    Fasten the wire again to the bracket.

    Make sure you don’t loosen the shaft too quickly when tightening the cables, as it may cause it to unwind and twist.

    Avoid over tightening the cable and loosening the shaft too much as it can lead to significant complications.

    Bring the door down and use metal rods to adjust the spring tension.

    Finally, reconnect your garage door to its automatic opener by pulling the cord back.

    Test the Door

    After all the needed adjustments, test the functionality of your garage door.

    Ensure that it’s running smoothly and doesn’t have any problems when opening or closing it automatically.

    If you have correctly adjusted the cable and spring tension, you won’t be able to see any gaps at the bottom of your garage door.

    How to Adjust Garage Door Springs And Cables?

    Garage doors have a complex system with many moving parts working together to give you convenience and security.

    With frequent usage, it’s not surprising for these components to deteriorate due to normal wear and tear.

    Two of the most at-risk garage door components are the cables and springs.

    Both of them are under extreme tension, which can be dangerous when a sudden breakdown happens.

    If one of these parts gets broken, chances are you will have a garage door that won’t open or close.

    In some cases, your garage door will just open or close halfway, which is a frustrating situation, especially if you need to get your car out of your garage.

    In order to fix the problem, you will have to tighten the torsion springs or make some adjustments to your garage door cables.

    But how can you do this?

    You may think it’s easy, but such a job requires proper expertise, tools, and knowledge.

    Learn how to adjust garage door springs and cables by going over to this article.

    You may also refer to this video for a helpful guide.

    Knowing the Types of Garage Door Springs And Cables for Adjustment

    The springs and cables of your garage door are among the most vital parts that provide a safe and efficient movement.

    With the use of force, these components counterbalance your garage door’s weight while regulating its overall tension and operation.

    They allow your garage door to lift and lower smoothly without any problem.

    When requiring a garage door repair, it is essential to understand the type of spring and cable your door uses.

    Most garage doors use extension or torsion cable and spring to operate.

    Torsion Springs and Cables

    The springs and cables come together.

    Torsion springs and cables are probably the most widely used in modern garage doors.

    You can find the torsion springs at the upper part of your garage door sliding into a channel every time the door moves.

    Several sizes of springs are available in the market, which depends on your garage door’s weight, length, and track range.

    The torsion springs come with cables linked to the lowermost portion of your door.

    It has a loop on one end, and the other contains the stop.

    Extension Springs and Cables

    Extension springs and cables are common to older models of garage doors.

    But these types of springs and cables are still popular with many people as they cost less than the torsions.

    These components get installed on either side of your garage door and perform an extending motion whenever the door opens and closes.

    The extension cables serve as safety cords, connecting both sides of the door while looped through the spring.

    If your extension spring snaps, the cable will capture it and stop it from flying throughout your garage.

    Making Necessary Garage Door Springs and Cables Adjustments

    If your garage door springs and cables are not getting the right tension, they will become loose, and you will have problems opening your door.

    Your garage door will become too heavy, and the opener might struggle to lift or lower it alone.

    Before you do a major garage door repair, inspect the cables and springs and begin with the tightening tasks.

    Remember that the springs are under great pressure and tension, so you have to take safety precautions when handling them.

    Besides, dealing with the adjustments yourself without the proper experience is remarkably dangerous.

    That’s why if you lack the skills for the job, it is best to find an expert technician who can help you do it.

    Getting a reliable service from professionals won’t put your safety at risk.

    Instead, you will be able to make the right adjustments for your garage door springs and cables at the soonest time possible.

    Trust Us at Marksman Garage Doors

    If you’re looking at how to adjust garage door springs and cables, you might find lots of DIY solutions.

    Although you can do simple adjustments, the best way to ensure an effective and reliable outcome is to partner with the professionals at Marksman Garage Doors.

    Trusting us means a top-notch quality of garage door repair services at your comfort and satisfaction.

    You don’t need to undertake all the daunting and risky tasks of tightening springs and cables when you can always hire our certified technicians for assistance.

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    If you find the steps on adjusting garage door cable tension daunting and you’re in doubt about how to start the process, don’t stress yourself out.

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    We can help you make the correct adjustments for your garage door cable tension.

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