Garage Door Opener Battery Replacement

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    How to Adjust Garage Door Opener

    Garage doors that open automatically are good additions to any property.

    However, given their relevance and utility, these systems are extremely fragile and must be handled with care.

    You must understand what to do when you face some problems while using it.

    The most common cause of a malfunctioning garage door opener is a drained battery.

    However, it’s possible that you’ve changed the batteries in your control and it still doesn’t function.

    Don’t worry, we might still be able to salvage that old control.

    In today’s article, we’ll go over all you need to remember about  a garage door opener battery replacement.

    As well as some more tricks to try to get your remote working again.

    Work with our garage door repair team at Marksman Garage Doors if you want to have your problem fixed immediately.

    What Is the Function of Your Garage Door Opener Remote?

    When you press the button on your garage door control, a signal is sent from the transmitters in the controller.

    This transmitter is to the receiver in the garage engine block.

    It is accomplished through the use of radio broadcasts at a certain frequency.

    The signal includes a code that must be entered in order for the operation of locking and unlocking your garage door to be completed.

    It will not work if the recipient does not receive the correct code.

    These are required for security reasons.

    When an encoded message wasn’t required, a mere garage door remote might unlock a host of others doors.

    The transmitter is unable to send a high sufficient coded received signal when the garage door remote’s battery is weakening or has failed.

    If the battery has been changed and the remote still does not function, resetting the remote may be an option.

    A Garage Door Remote’s Batteries Must Be Checked

    You can see the batteries within the housing if you gently open the back panel of the remote.

    There are various battery types to choose from.

    The most prevalent form of battery we come across is what appears to be regular watch batteries.

    The type of battery is normally written on the top, making finding a spare simple. Spare batteries can be found at almost any retail outlet or web.

    A regular nine-volt battery is the next most popular battery used in these applications.

    Very small alkaline batteries are a somewhat less common battery encountered by our professionals.

    These are more difficult to come by, although any battery shop must be able to assist you in choosing a decent substitute.

    Reprogramming a Garage Door Opener Remote Control

    When replacing the battery, many owners overlook the most crucial step in getting their remotes back in operation.

    Once the battery in the garage door remote dies, the remote must be reset to the garage door opener for safety purposes.

    Once the battery in a remote is removed or the remote becomes unresponsive, the remote might lose its safe connection towards the garage door opener.

    You might also encounter situations where one of your remotes goes missing and you will need to restart the code on your garage door opener.

    Modifying your remote would make new, safe signals from your transmitter to your recipient in any situation.

    Depending on the brand of your garage door opener, resetting a garage door remote might be a little distinct.

    Lift up the handbook for your garage door opener when you still have it or look online for the part on remote programming.

    This method is usually quite simple with the latest ones.

    They usually feature a single learn button on the side for matching the remote back to the opener.

    The usage of switches to reprogramme the coded signal in older machines might be a little more difficult.

    Seeking Assistance with Your Garage Door Remote

    Call our experts to arrange an appointment for more assistance with configuring the garage door opener battery repair.

    We’re certain that with our several decades of knowledge fixing all major brands.

    We’ll be able to promptly resolve any garage door repair concerns.

    It is a delight for us at Marksman Garage Doors to assist you with your garage door problems.

    Our crew will always be ready to deliver an excellent garage door services experience.

    We are with highly-trained professionals and 24 hours availability.

    We are indeed in a modern era as most technologies are now wireless.

    It is also true for your garage door that uses an automatic opener.

    You can now control garage doors through a garage door opener remote.

    So you don’t have to get out of the car to lift or close the garage door manually.

    And like other machines, the garage door opener’s remote uses batteries to operate.

    Today, Marksman Garage Doors will teach you about garage door opener battery replacement.

    As a garage door owner, it is your responsibility to replace your garage door opener remote’s battery from time to time.

    Garage Door Opener Remote Battery

    Usually, there are three available models of garage door opener remote.

    Depending on your preference, you can choose from the keychain type, visor type, or universal type of garage door opener remote.

    As its name implies, the keychain type of remote can be put together with your keys for easy access.

    The visor type of remote offers better security, longer control distance, and more accessible programs to open your garage door.

    Lastly, the universal garage door opener remote can access multiple models of garage door openers as long as you program them together.

    No matter what type of garage door opener remote you have, each type usually uses a 3V coin battery to operate.

    Typically, you need to change the battery for about 1-2 years – depending on how much you use your garage door.

    If you don’t know how to replace your garage door opener remote battery, you can follow the steps below:

    1. Remove the battery cover using a clip or screwdriver.
    2. Look how many batteries you need.
    3. Replace the old batteries with new ones.
    4. Make sure to follow the positive and negative sides of the battery.
    5. Reinstall the cover.
    6. Test the garage door opener remote if it is working.

    These are only the general steps in garage door opener battery replacement.

    It is best to consult the opener’s manual for a more accurate replacement.

    Garage Door Opener Battery

    More often than not, you only need to replace the battery of your opener’s remote.

    However, modern automatic openers have a backup battery in case of a power outage.

    That’s why the garage door opener unit itself also has a battery which you can replace once they no longer function.

    You need to replace the backup battery power probably every two years or until the battery LED turns red.

    Listed below are the step by step processes to follow in garage door opener battery replacement:

    1. Wear protective gloves and eye gear.
    2. Prepare a ladder and a screwdriver when necessary.
    3. Unplug the garage door opener from the socket.
    4. Open the unit to access the battery compartment.
    5. Remove the compartment cover using a screwdriver.
    6. Pull out the wires connected to the battery.
    7. Connect the new battery to the color-coded wires.
    8. Reinstall the cover of the battery compartment.
    9. Plug the garage door opener.
    10. The battery LED will blink green to indicate charging.
    11. Once the battery LED turns solid green, it means fully charged.
    12. Unplug the garage door opener to test the backup battery if it is working.

    Note that these are the steps in garage door opener battery replacement for a Liftmaster brand – – which you can access via this link.

    It is best to consult your manual for a more accurate procedure.

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