Garage Door Chain Came Off

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    How To Fix A Garage Door Off Track

    A motor connected to a drive chain raises and lowers your garage door.

    The chain is suspended from a track that goes all along the garage roof.

    The drive chain might become fatigued with time, which is simply a weakening and slackening of the chain.

    Due to the obvious slackening, the chain dips in the middle and scrapes against the track while it runs.

    As this happens, you’ll notice a clicking sound every time the garage door closes and opens.

    This is the clicking that happens whenever the chain jumps down and up along the track.

    The chain might break off from the sprocket and end up causing the garage door to cease operating when it becomes too loose.

    To correct this issue, we at Marksman Garage Doors can help you on what to do when your garage door chain comes off.

    Chain, Belt, or Screw Drive Garage Doors

    Remove the garage door opener out from the garage door first.

    Using a step ladder, visually inspect the cable, if it is drooping, you could be able to tighten it by using the trolley adjustable bolt within your own.

    If you have the necessary expertise, skills, and materials, this can be a DIY project.

    Additional factor to consider is the drive chain’s lifespan.

    If your drive chain is far less than 10 years old and in good physical condition, have it adjusted or changed by an expert.

    You might not know how much longer the garage door chain has been in action or how often the door has been used.

    Contact a garage door service to have your system examined.

    We at Marksman Garage Doors can provide you a garage door repair for your chain and will help you with your queries.

    Remove the Opener from the Wiring

    Remove the garage door opener from the power supply before beginning to repair the garage door opener chain.

    This keeps it from doing something you didn’t intend when you’re holding the chain.

    It also makes it possible to touch electronic wiring without worry of being shocked.

    Chain Should Be Loosened

    Examine the gears somewhere at the end of the track from a staircase.

    You should be able to see the chain hanging off the sprocket, perhaps up or down the cogs.

    You might well be able to slip your chain back from over cog without doing any adjustments if the chain is loose properly.

    If the chain won’t readily fit over the cog, you’ll just have to loosen it even more to achieve the length you require.

    The adjustable tensioner will keep the chain attached to the trolley.

    When loosening the chain, set the nuts keeping the tensioner in line using the pliers, and pull the tensioner down to give the chain a bit more loose.

    Repairing the Chain

    After you’ve turned off the electricity and loosened the chain, you can begin reinstalling the chain on the rails.

    Assemble the chain in the rails so that it becomes straight and free of bends or other issues that could lead to damage.

    Retighten the Trolley Chain

    The chain will be dangling from the ceiling track at this point.

    Set the tensioner nuts until the chain starts to tighten.

    When you’re finished, the chain may have a tiny dip, but it shouldn’t contact the track. If it ever does, the chain isn’t tightened correctly.

    Restart the garage door opener and ignite the motor by pressing its on button once the chain is hanging above the track.

    The chain should now be pulling the door open, and the door must be capable of moving with the motor.

    Hire A Professional Technician

    The cost of a new gear and sprocket is determined by the state and region in which you reside, and it includes work to replace the new item.

    A qualified garage door service specialist should perform this.

    Removing the cover reveals the electronic components, which can be easily broken if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    In doing this on your own, you may also lose any manufacturer warranties.

    Excessive pressure on the chain upon installation, as well as weather patterns in your region and age, might cause sprocket and gear failure.

    The distance limits and force restrictions may have to be adjusted after installing a new gear and chain.

    Contact the nearest garage door service if you are unsure about your abilities to find out what’s wrong.

    Our team at Marksman Garage Doors is here to assist you with your garage door chain that came off.

    A garage door has complex connections to open or close the garage door through an automatic opener.

    The garage door opener uses chains to have a trolley system – like the chains used in bicycles.

    The chain drive is connected with the garage door and the opener’s motor to move the garage door along the tracks.

    Together with the garage door springs, rollers, and cables, they handle the garage door’s load.

    But, it is quite common for a garage door chain to be off its track.

    If your garage door chain came off, you should have at least a little knowledge on how to put it back.

    Fortunately, Marksman Garage Doors is here to teach you all about that.

    How to Fix a Garage Door Chain That Comes Off

    To notice a garage door chain that comes off, you have to inspect the connection between the opener and the garage door.

    But since the chain is not always visible, you can take a hint from a noisy and vibrating garage door.

    Sometimes, the garage door will still work even if a garage door chain comes off.

    However, it makes the garage door’s mechanism to be inefficient – which may damage the other garage door parts.

    It is best to leave a loose garage door chain to a garage door professional like Marksman Garage Doors.

    But, if you have the skills to repair a garage door chain, you can follow the steps below:

    Note that the steps presented are the general guidelines in adjusting your garage door chain, so it is best to consult the opener’s manual for a more accurate procedure.

    Step #1: Disconnect the Garage Door Opener From the Power Source

    Your garage door opener uses electricity.

    Since you are handling a powered opener, you should disconnect it from the source.

    Also, ensure that your garage door is fully closed when you work with the garage door chain.

    Furthermore, you should prepare the right protective head and hand gear.

    Step #2: Find the Adjustment Bolt

    Using a stepladder, climb up to your garage door opener and locate the adjustment bolt.

    The adjustment bolt is usually a 5-7 inches threaded fastener screwed with two nuts – one for locking and one for adjusting.

    If you want to increase tension in the garage door chain, you should tighten the adjustment nut.

    Step #3: Adjust the Locking and Adjustment Nut

    Using a wrench, slightly loosen the locking nut.

    Then, tighten the adjustment nut until you put back the garage door chain on its track.

    Make sure not to tighten the adjustment nut too much to avoid future damages.

    Finally, you can tighten the locking nut while holding the adjustment nut in place with a wench.

    Step #4: Reconnect the Power Supply and Test the Garage Door

    Ensure that your garage door is fully closed, and you clear the obstructions along the chain’s track.

    Then, plug in the garage door opener’s power cord.

    Test the garage door opener by opening and closing the garage door a few times.

    If it works, you are successful in repairing your garage door chain.

    But if the garage door chain comes off again, it is best to call a garage door technician.

    Here at Marksman Garage Doors, you can ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

    We can repair a garage door chain flawlessly, so you can avoid costly repairs in the future.

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