Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Vs Ceiling Mount

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    If you’ve not looked for a newer garage door opener for a while now, you could discover that your selections are far more complicated than you think.

    A garage door opener’s primary function is to raise and lower your garage door as instructed.

    But some current choices come in a variety of drive dupes with increased functionality.

    It’s best to think about your short & long demands when selecting a new garage door for your property.

    Choose a model that meets and exceeds your whole performance targets.

    We at Marksman Garage Doors, one of the best garage door services, will help you decide on what you should choose.

    We provide you this article that will tackle the wall mount garage door opener vs. ceiling mount.

    Types of Ceiling Mount Drive

    Overhead garage door openers have always been a very popular and often used alternative among owners.

    This garage door opener includes a ceiling-mounted rail track and raise that you operate using a belt, chain, or screw-drive system.

    Every type of overhead opening drive has comparable functions but different advantages.

    Chain operators utilize ropes of chain to slide down the track to raise and drop the door.

    This makes them the most prevalent form of overhead opener seen in houses.

    Due to their sturdy and efficient design, chain drives are by far the most cost-effective garage door opener choice.

    Although chain drives are durable and useful for up to ten years, they are frequently significantly noisy.

    This also requires more attention than other choices.

    Belt drives, which employ a strengthened belt to close and open the door.

    These are now becoming popular due to their quietness and durable functioning.

    Steel-reinforced latex,fiberglass, and polyurethane are commonly used in belt drives.

    Screw-drive openers operate the garage door in a totally different manner from traditional openers.

    Instead of pushing the door up, a screw-drive lifts the door by sliding it along the track with a threaded metal rod.

    Screw drives are extremely dependable and can withstand extreme wear, but they must be lubricated on a regular basis to ensure long-term operation.

    Advantages of Using Ceiling Mount Openers

    You might well be shocked by the number of garage door opener upgrade alternatives available.

    But you can always rely on the trustworthy functionality of ceiling mount openers.

    Quieter functionality: Belt drive openers are the quietest ceiling garage door openers.

    Chain and screw-drive devices are now substantially quieter than they were in the past thanks to recent mechanical innovations.

    Cost-effective alternatives: When opposed to jackshaft ceiling openers, chain, rope, and screw-drive opener choices are far less expensive to set up, fix, and maintain.

    Type of Wall-Mounted Opener

    Wall-mounted garage door openers are situated on the garage door’s right or left side, as the name implies.

    Garage doors that are installed on the wall are appropriate for garages with restricted overhead bins, cathedrals or slanted roofs, or limited depths.

    Rather than using a railway track, wall-mounted garage door openers control the door by connecting to the door’s gear system.

    These technologies can be used on any garage door, including vertically, regular, and elevated garage doors.

    The most prevalent style of wall-mounted garage door opener has been the jackshaft garage door opener.

    Along with its superior protection, consistent performance, and long-term reliability, jackshaft openers have acquired favor for residential applications.

    Jackshaft openers are ideal for garages with limited space, but they are more pricey than ceiling versions.

    Advantages of Using Wall-Mounted Opener

    Space-saving styles: Overhead garage doors take up a lot of ceiling space, and most homes can’t support these dimensions.

    Installing a jackshaft opener to the side of your garage door allows you to take advantage of all accessible overhead space.

    This is for keeping heavy goods such as canoes or bikes.

    Increased security: Garage doors feature an emergency release wire that may be pulled to disconnect the door from the opener.

    This allows homeowners to lift the door manually in an emergency.

    While this gadget is useful, it can be triggered from outside, allowing robbers to gain access to your home.

    These cables aren’t present on wall-mounted garage door openers, so they can’t be controlled by intruders.

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    That concludes our comparison of wall mount garage door opener vs. ceiling mount.

    Call us whenever you need a customised, dependable garage door repair or opener, as well as attentive service!

    With Marksman Garage Doors’ products and services, you can expect knowledgeable assistance and quality overhead supplies.

    Thanks to technology, we now enjoy wireless systems.

    That is also true for an automatic garage door opener controlled via a handheld transmitter.

    A garage door opener is responsible for opening or closing a garage door through its connection to springs, cables, drive, and garage door.

    If you are a first-time garage door opener owner, you are in luck.

    Today, you will learn about wall mount garage door opener vs. ceiling mount.

    Also, you will know about their pros and cons.

    Ceiling Mount Garage Door Opener

    Most homeowners use a ceiling mount garage door opener.

    It is readily available in the market with a wide variety of options.

    As its name implies, this type of garage door opener is installed at the ceiling and centered at your garage door.

    The ceiling mount opener uses a chain, belt, or screw drive mechanism to open or close the garage door upon pressing the remote device or keypad.

    To differentiate each drive, you can follow the guide below:

    • Chain Drive

    Most garage door openers use a chain like the ones used in bicycles.

    Experts believe that this drive is the most cost-effective since it can last for about 10 years.

    However, it is also noisy and requires the most maintenance.

    • Belt Drive

    The belt drive of garage door openers is slowly becoming popular due to its noiseless and reliable operation.

    Moreover, some people prefer this drive since it uses steel-reinforced rubber, fiberglass, or polyurethane.

    • Screw Drive

    Screw drive openers use an innovative approach in opening or closing a garage door.

    Instead of pulling the garage door up, it maximizes the use of a threaded metal rod to carry the garage door by gliding it along the track.

    Screw drive can last long and handle the heavy load but requires regular lubrication.

    Pros and Cons of Ceiling Mount Garage Door Opener


    • Its drive system makes it easier to install, repair, and maintain
    • It is generally more affordable.
    • It can carry a heavy garage door without limits.
    • It is compatible with the opener’s modern features – such as myQ, roller door codes, and a backup battery.


    • It takes up too much space in the ceiling.
    • It is generally louder than the alternative.

    Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

    As its name implies, a wall mount garage door opener is installed on a wall beside the garage door.

    Unlike the ceiling mount garage door opener, it does not use garage door tracks.

    However, it is connected to the torsion spring to open or close the garage door.

    The wall mount opener is compatible with any garage door type – such as standard, vertical, and high lift doors.

    Pros and Cons of Wall Mount Garage Door Opener


    • It can save ceiling space for storage.
    • It is easily accessible since you can reach it effortlessly.
    • It does not concern a chain, belt, or screw drive breaking.


    • It has weight limitations.
    • It needs an electrical socket to be near the unit.
    • It requires a special installation for wiring purposes.

    Wide Range of Garage Door Services

    With the presented wall mount garage door opener vs. ceiling mount, it is up to your preference to choose the best automatic opener for your garage.

    If you need someone to install your garage door opener, Marksman Garage Doors is the one to call.

    We are garage door experts with years of experience in garage door services.

    Also, we can give an honest opinion about the opener perfect for your space.

    Then, we can install the automatic opener at your request.

    Aside from opener installation, our garage door repair and garage door replacements services offer the following:

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