Should You Buy Used Garage Doors?

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    The garage door is an important investment that you should make carefully.

    You should think about a few things before purchasing a new one or upgrading an existing one.

    For some individuals, for instance, quality is everything, and they will choose the best option available.

    For others, the style, materials, and insulation of the door are also crucial considerations.

    Simultaneously, you might want to perform some research on reputable garage door services in your region.

    That manner, if you come across a few nice garage door offers, you can evaluate them and make a decision.

    We at Marksman Garage Doors can help you if you should buy used garage doors for your home.

    Purchase A New Garage Door Rather Than A Used One

    We strongly advise you to avoid purchasing a secondhand garage door as a substitute for your current door in any case.

    The concept that you’ll conserve cost over buying something newer doesn’t hold water.

    No amount of number crunching or sifting through internet classifieds can tell you better.

    But if you still want to purchase a used garage door, we at Marksman Garage Doors made a list of things you need to take note before you buy one.

    Request a Face to Face Estimate

    It’s a recipe for disaster if you order a garage door from over phone or email.

    Each garage is unique, so a qualified seller will double-check specifics like entrance form and size, height and side space, and even offer design advice.

    Also, if something goes badly, there will be no doubt about who is to blame.

    Hence, before getting a door, ensure you have a salesman visit your property and inspect the condition.

    Wooden Doors Should Be Avoided

    Once new, solid wood doors look amazing. However, if you’re ready to invest money and time in upkeep, they won’t last long.

    Organic finishes are only good for years until they need to be refinished.

    If you leave it too late, you’ll just have to take off all of the finishing and begin over to make your door look brand new.

    The great news is that you can obtain the look of wood for a quarter of the price, and you won’t have to deal with the upkeep.

    Textured steel with a simulated wood-grain finish is the cheapest option.

    Make Insulation Improvements

    If you need to save power or keep your garage warm, it’s worth paying the extra money to convert from expanded polyurethane to polystyrene insulation.

    A garage door’s R value indicates how effectively it insulates.

    The higher the number, the better the insulation.

    The insulating value is raised from R-9 to R-18 by switching from 2-in polystyrene to Intellicore or polyurethane.

    That’d be a lot of value for your money.

    If You’re Considering Installing Your Own Door, Think Twice

    You can save just a few hundred bucks by putting the door alone, but it’s not a really rewarding process.

    For starters, there are a lot of parts, and putting them together will probably take a whole day.

    Furthermore, winding the spring necessitates the use of specialized instruments as well as a great deal of arm power and is rather risky.

    If you hire a professional to replace the door, the replacement door will be provided and the previous one will be carted away in around four hours.

    You’ll also have somebody to contact in the event of an issue.

    In Choosing A Door Style, Visit The Websites of Suppliers

    When looking for garage doors for sale online, some suppliers have websites now.

    You might not have to make educated guesses about how a specific type and shade of door would appear in your home.

    You can submit a picture of your garage and customize it with any of the garage door models.

    This allows you to select a door style, apply design elements that you want, choose windows and a shade, and even attach equipment.

    You can experiment with several styles until you discover one that you like.

    Then print out the specifications to get an accurate value estimate from your supplier to assist you in your search for low-cost garage doors.

    Hire A Professional

    Make a decision with our team on whether you should buy used garage doors today.

    Remember to inquire about the latest garage door opener tech, which already includes devices that can be operated by Wi-Fi and phone apps.

    Other services we do include garage door repair.

    For further information, feel free to contact Marksman Garage Doors.

    Today, garage doors have become a good investment since they secure our car and garage possessions.

    Furthermore, garage doors can actually raise your home property value.

    That’s why more and more people make sure to match their garage door to their property’s exterior.

    However, you cannot deny that the price of a garage door is a significant factor in buying a garage door.

    And one question you might often think about is, should you buy used garage doors? 

    At Marksman Garage Doors, we understand how hard it is to decide.

    So as a garage door expert, here are some of the factors you need to consider before answering the question, should you buy used garage doors?

    Garage Door’s Age

    If you plan to buy a used garage door, its age is an essential factor you should consider.

    Usually, a garage door’s lifespan ranges from 15 to 30 years, depending on the quality of the material.

    So it is not worth buying a used garage door if it is near its end.

    Aside from age, you should also ask the previous owner if the used garage door has undergone major repair or maintenance services.

    That way, you can know if you should get it or not.

    Also, ask about the other garage door parts’ lifespan.

    Some garage door parts, such as springs and rollers, tend not to last longer than the garage door itself.

    Garage Door Size

    Although garage door sizes now come in standard sizes, sometimes it is hard to find a second-hand garage door having the same size as your garage’s opening.

    Usually, the standard sizes of a single-car garage door are 8-10 feet in width and 7-8 feet in height.

    Meanwhile, two-car garage doors’ standard sizes are 12-18 feet in width and 7-8 feet in height.

    Moreover, you also need to consider the sizes for gaps and some allowances that only a garage door expert knows.

    So, before purchasing a used garage door, ask a garage door technician to take accurate measurements of your garage.

    With Marksman Garage Doors, we will help you in the process of finding the perfect garage door for you.

    With our accurate tools and devices, we will take measurements following the standard.

    Garage Door’s Current Condition

    It is best to test a used garage door first before buying it.

    Here are some of the red flags to look for:

    • Squeaky noises and too much vibration
    • Loud bang sound after closing the garage door
    • Unbalanced door movement
    • Presence of dents on garage door panels and tracks
    • Rusting and worn-out garage door parts
    • Slow-to-respond garage door opener remote
    • Unresponsive garage door opener
    • Off-the-track rollers and tracks

    If you notice one of the signs, it is best not to buy the used garage door.

    For a more in-depth assessment, you can ask assistance from Marksman Garage Doors.

    We are fault-finding experts, thanks to our advanced tools and years of experience.

    At the end of our assessment, we will provide an honest opinion if you should purchase the used garage door.

    What’s the Final Verdict?

    Should you buy used garage doors?

    With the presented guide above, you should ask if the used garage door is really worth buying.

    But, if you want Marksman’s opinion, we believe that you should invest in a new garage door.

    That way, you can ensure the quality of the garage door and avoid some costly garage door repair or garage door replacement in the future.

    Top-Rated Garage Door Installation

    Whether you will buy a used or a new garage door, Marksman Garage Doors is the right one to call for a garage door installation.

    For years, we have catered to hundreds of clients who can guarantee our top-quality and quick garage door installation.

    Moreover, we also offer garage door repair and garage door replacement services to residential and commercial garage doors.

    So you can put your trust in Marksman Garage Doors if your garage door is not working.

    With the vast knowledge of our garage door technicians, we can solve your garage door problem quickly and efficiently.

    Contact Our Service-Oriented Staff Now

    For the best and the most affordable garage door repair and garage door replacement services, Marsman Garage Doors is number one.

    Ask for a quote from our staff to know more about our budget-friendly garage door service rates.

    Contact our team now, and we promise not to disappoint.

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