Manual Garage Door Won’t Close

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    How To Fix A Noisy Garage Door

    A garage door should touch the floor when it’s in a closed position.

    It should compress the bottom seal or threshold on the floor to create a tight weather seal.

    Thus, it’s not normal if there’s a gap on the bottom of your garage door.

    This means that your manual garage door won’t close properly.

    It’s frustrating when this happens because you won’t be able to leave your house.

    You’ll end up trying to troubleshoot the issue and get the door down.

    Contact your trusted local technicians to help fix the problem.

    Marksman Garage Doors offer high-quality garage door services in Pittsburgh.

    Our professional technicians will provide you with an urgent response to your needs.

    We’ll arrive at your place for emergency solutions so that you can secure your garage before leaving.

    Call us anytime on any day of the week for same-day garage door services.

    How Does a Manual Garage Door Close?

    As its name suggests, manual garage doors don’t have openers to operate them automatically.

    You have to get out of your vehicle and use your hands to raise the door open.

    When it’s time to close it, you have to exert enough force to lower and close the door.

    If you encounter a problem lowering your garage door, there might be something wrong with your garage door.

    You shouldn’t overlook the issue, or you’ll end up with more damage.

    Failing to resolve the problem may also leave you with a jammed garage door.

    Contact your local technician to help you remediate the problem and restore your garage door.

    Causes of a Stuck Garage Door

    Here are some reasons why you’re unable to close your manual garage door.

    Our professional technicians have also provided solutions for the problem.

    Off-Track Garage Door

    You won’t be able to close your garage door if it has jumped off the tracks.

    This is because the door is not traversing the tracks so it will face difficulties going up or down.

    Besides being off track, an off-track door also creates gaps on the side or bottom of your door.

    This prevents your garage door from being flushed on all sides.

    You must put the rollers back on track to repair the problem.

    You can do this by opening a small part of the track and forcing the roller into the opening.

    Call a garage door repair specialist if you need help.

    Obstructed Garage Door Tracks

    Your garage door tracks require regular maintenance to keep the movement of the rollers seamless and unobstructed.

    If you fail to clean the tracks, dirt and dust will build up and prevent the rollers from passing through the tracks.

    You might have obstructed tracks if you notice your garage door constantly stopping when it opens or closes.

    You should get a sponge, dish soap, and water to remove dirt and grime and clean the garage door tracks.

    If the reason for obstruction is a warped track, reshape the tracks to restore the smooth movement of the door.

    Snapped Torsion Springs

    If your garage door feels heavier to operate than it usually does, you might have a broken garage door spring.

    When a torsion spring breaks, it creates a loud sound similar to a firecracker.

    Your garage door will also experience difficulties going up and down.

    In this situation, don’t attempt to repair your garage door spring without professional help.

    It’s dangerous to replace a garage door spring because of the door’s weight which could accidentally crash down on you.

    Call an experienced technician to replace your garage door springs safely.

    Faulty Garage Door Cables

    Your garage door could stop closing when you have worn and broken cables.

    This could be an effect of your garage door springs breaking.

    Broken garage door cables are also dangerous to repair.

    Don’t attempt to use your garage door on a broken spring and cables, and call a technician immediately.


    It’s inconvenient and frustrating if your manual garage door won’t close.

    You can’t leave your garage door stuck open because of the risk of intrusion, loss of valuables, and damage to properties.

    If you have a stubborn garage door that refuses to close, call Marksman Garage Doors.

    We have a professional team of garage door specialists who can provide you with prompt and efficient garage door repair.

    Book an appointment with our team in Pittsburgh today!

    Have you experienced a situation where your garage door suddenly stops closing?

    No matter how many times you press the remote’s button, it won’t budge.

    Then, you try to close your garage door manually.

    But, unfortunately, it is still not closing.

    We can understand the frustration once you experience this kind of scenario.

    So, Marksman Garage Doors prepared this guide on why your manual garage door won’t close.

    Here are some of the possible reasons:

    Obstructions Along the Tracks

    A garage door has a track installed on each side of the garage door all the way to the ceiling inside a garage.

    The garage door rollers move along the track to open or close the garage door.

    But since there are always spaces along the tracks when the garage door is not moving, they are prone to accumulate dirt and debris.

    Once the dirt or debris gets big enough, the garage door can get stuck while closing.

    So, it is vital to clean the tracks regularly.

    Generally, you should clean your track at least once a month – especially if you use your garage door many times each day.

    Also, you can get a garage door technician to clean your tracks for you.

    That way, you cannot miss an obstruction that may affect the overall mechanism of your garage door.

    Unlubricated Rollers, Springs, Cables, or Chain Drive

    Your garage door is a system that connects rollers, springs, cables, chain or belt drives, and other garage door parts.

    Some of them need to operate by moving a few times each day.

    For instance, the garage door rollers move along the tracks to help open or close the garage door.

    They experience an intense amount of friction while moving along the tracks.

    So, in time, the rollers will find it hard to travel along the tracks if they are not lubricated.

    Most of the garage door’s moving parts require lubrication at least every six months.

    If they are not lubricated, there’s a high chance that your manual garage door won’t close.

    Emergency Cord Not Released

    Most garage doors now operate with an automatic opener.

    So you can instruct your garage door to open or close using a handheld remote or a mounted controller.

    For an automatic garage door, you cannot close the garage door manually without releasing the emergency cord first.

    You can follow the steps below on how to open or close your automatic garage door manually:

    1. Ensure that the garage door is closed tightly.
    2. Pull the emergency release cord – usually a red rope that hangs from the opener’s trolley.
    3. Now, you can lift or close the garage door manually.
    4. To reconnect the garage door and opener, pull the emergency cord toward the door until you hear a click.

    These are the only general steps.

    It is better to familiarize your manual for a more accurate procedure.

    24/7 Garage Door Services

    If your manual garage door won’t close, it is time to call Marksman Garage Doors.

    We take pride in our fault-finding techniques that are second to none.

    Also, we understand that if your manual garage door won’t close, it becomes a security threat.

    So we have 24/7 garage door technicians who can attend to your needs.

    Marksman Garage Doors offer comprehensive garage door repair and garage door replacement services, such as:

    • Garage door installation
    • Garage door panel dent removal
    • Broken springs replacement
    • Track and roller alignment
    • Automatic opener programming
    • Frequency troubleshoot
    • Chain or belt drive alignment
    • Snapped cable replacement

    To know more about our high-quality and top-rated garage door repair and garage door replacement services, contact our friendly staff now.

    Partner with Marksman Now

    Marksman Garage Doors is the right partner for garage door services.

    We have an established name and reputation.

    So you can guarantee that you will be getting your money’s worth.

    With our garage door services, you can prevent costly repairs in the future.

    No matter how small or big the garage door problem is, we have the right solution ready for you.

    Moreover, we equip ourselves with advanced tools and devices to finish our job without faults and efficiently.

    Expect that we will arrive at the earliest time possible after your call.

    So put your trust in Marksman Garage Doors now.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us and book an appointment now.

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