How To Close Garage Door Manually

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    A garage door opener is a must-have for your garage.

    It allows you to open and close your garage door without leaving your vehicle.

    You can also operate your garage door remotely via remote control.

    However, a garage door opener is only valuable when properly working.

    If not, you’re stuck with the manual operation of your garage door.

    Power interruptions can also prompt you to manually open and close your garage door.

    It’s relatively easy to operate a garage door without the opener.

    We’ll show you how to close garage door manually in this article for your information.

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    When to Operate a Garage Door Manually

    Broken garage door spring, off-track door, worn or loose cables, faulty opener remote, and power interruption.

    These are some reasons why your garage door operates incorrectly.

    You’ll need to switch to manual operation to open and close your garage door in any of these cases.

    However, it’s best to fix the problem first rather than operate your door manually.

    Opening a damaged garage door can jeopardize your safety and lead to more garage door damage.

    Contact your garage door technician for a professional garage door repair.

    If your problem is a power failure or your garage door opener remote, you can proceed to operate your garage door manually.

    How to Open a Garage Door Manually

    Opening a garage door manually is a pretty straightforward task.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to open your garage door without an opener.

    1. Locate the emergency release cord.

    It’s a red rope with a red pull handle hanging from the opener trolley.

    1. Get a grip of the emergency release handle and pull it down with enough force.

    This should pull the release lever locks and disconnect the opener from your garage door.

    Your garage door is now in manual operation.

    1. Hold the bottom of the door and lift it with your hands to open.

    If you feel any resistance, check if you’ve correctly disconnected the opener from the door.

    Never force the door to open to avoid injuries and property damages.

    1. Continue pushing the door upwards until you’re sure it won’t slide down.

    Make sure that the door stays open before driving your car through it.

    If your door doesn’t stay in the open position, something might be wrong with your garage door springs.

    How to Close A Garage Door Manually

    Closing your garage door is more manageable than opening it.

    This process can be summarized in one step: pull the garage door down.

    In addition to closing your garage door, you must secure your garage door.

    Lock your garage door manually to prevent intrusion and loss of valuables in your home.

    You can use a clamping device, padlock, or zip tie to lock your garage door in place manually.

    Don’t forget to unlock your garage door before attempting to open your door again.

    How to Re-Engage The Garage Door Opener

    You must reconnect the opener if the power is back or you’ve replaced the opener remote battery.

    Reattaching the opener will allow you to use your garage door automatically again.

    Follow the instructions below to re-engage your opener and use your garage door automatically.

    1. Close your garage door.

    Your door should be in a closed position for safety reasons.

    If it’s open, the garage door could crash down and cause injuries and damages to your property.

    1. Pull the same red emergency release handle to reconnect the opener.

    You should feel a slight tug or hear a click which signifies that you’ve successfully reattached the opener.

    You can also use the remote to reconnect the opener.

    Click the open button and then the close button for the opener to re-engage to the garage door.

    1. Test the automatic operation of your door.

    Use the remote to open and close the garage door automatically.

    If it doesn’t work, check the lever to see if it’s connected to the opener.

    Contact a professional technician if you still encounter a problem.

    For the best garage door services in Pittsburgh, call Marksman Garage Doors.

    We are available 24/7 to provide you with high-quality garage door repair anytime.

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    It is not up for debate that we now live in a technological world.

    That also applies to your garage door with an automatic opener.

    An automatic garage door opener allows you to control your garage door through a handheld remote or a wall-mounted keypad.

    The remote or the keypad uses batteries, while the garage door opener unit is connected to your electrical system.

    Since an automatic opener requires a power supply, you are maybe wondering how to control the garage door during a power outage.

    Today, you will learn to open or close your garage door manually.

    Is it Okay to Close the Garage Door Manually?

    In the circumstance where there is a power outage right after you open a garage door, it is best to leave your garage door open.

    Disengaging the garage door might shut the door abruptly.

    For your safety, you can enter your garage door into manual mode only if it is initially closed.

    So if you want to know how to close garage door manually, you also need to learn how to open it manually.

    How to Open and Close Garage Door Manually

    If you lose your garage door opener remote or during a power outage, you should know how to open your garage door manually.

    For guidance, here are the general steps to follow:

    Open Garage Door From Outside

    1. Find the emergency release lock, which is usually located at the top center of the garage door.
    2. Turn the emergency release kit key and pull the lock to engage the release mechanism.
    3. Lift the garage door carefully from the outside.
    4. Now, you can park your car inside.

    Open Garage Door From Inside

    1. Locate the emergency release cord hanging near the opener.
    2. Pull the emergency cord to disengage the automatic opener.
    3. Lift the garage door carefully from the inside.
    4. Now, you can move your car outside the garage.

    Close Garage Door From Inside

    1. After opening the garage door manually, you can manually close the door.
    2. Pull the emergency release cord until you hear a click to re-engage the opener.
    3. Once the power is back, plug in the garage door opener and test if it works properly.

    The steps presented are only the general steps in opening or closing the garage door manually.

    It is best to follow the instructions in your opener’s manual.

    Or you can call a garage door technician to open and close your garage door manually.

    Safety Guidelines on Opening or Closing the Garage Door Manually

    The garage door is heavy.

    Opening or closing it manually means that you should be careful since you will carry all its load.

    So here are some of the safety guidelines you should follow when you open or close a garage door manually:

    1. Don’t pull the emergency release cord if the garage door is open. It will become a falling hazard that might cause injuries or property damages.
    1. Unplug the garage door opener first before releasing the emergency cord. Since you are uncertain when the power is back after a power outage, it is best to disconnect the opener from the electrical system.
    1. Use a flashlight. To see clearly at night and prevent tripping, use a flashlight.
    1. Get help when necessary. If you are not confident about lifting the garage door manually, it is best to get help from a garage door specialist.

    Most Trusted Garage Door Technicians in Town

    Marksman Garage Doors will gladly help you when you want to open or close your garage door manually.

    As experts in the field, we know the required procedures in opening and closing the garage doors of different opener models.

    Also, our garage door repair and garage door replacement services are ready in case your garage door is in trouble.

    We can fix and replace garage door parts quickly and accurately.

    After your call, we will be at your doorsteps with high-quality tools and materials.

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