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    Snapped Garage Door Cable

    Garages are a multi-purpose space.

    On top of keeping your car safe and sound, garages can also store items you don’t use often.

    You can use your garage as a storage area for tools, sports equipment, bicycles, and more.

    You can also hold events in your garage and the driveway.

    However, to ensure that the event decorations are consistent, you must hide your garage door.

    You also need to hide your door if you want to convert your garage.

    How can I hide something as huge as a garage door?

    Learn how to hide garage door with curtain and other items in this article.

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    When Do You Need to Hide Your Garage Door?

    Hiding a garage door may sound funny.

    However, there are occasions wherein you have to conceal your garage door.

    Garage door conversion is the process of transforming your garage into a room with a different purpose.

    For example, you have an unexpected guest coming soon, and you don’t have a spare bedroom in your house.

    You could convert your garage space into a temporary sleeping area for your visitor.

    Of course, you must make your garage look homey, comfortable, and pleasant.

    You must park your car somewhere safe and secure.

    You should also hide or relocate the items you store in your garage.

    Furthermore, you should hide your garage door to keep the room aesthetically pleasing.

    Another reason to hide your garage door is if you’re using your garage as an event space.

    You must conceal the garage door to prevent it from ruining the background.

    How to Hide Garage Door With Curtain

    One straightforward and cost-effective method to hide your garage door is using a curtain.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide for the process.

    1. Measure the dimensions of your garage door.

    You must determine the length and height of your door so that you find the right size of curtain for it.

    After which, look for a curtain that can fully cover your garage door.

    You can choose among the many designs, styles, and fabrics of the curtain to cover your door with.

    1. The set-up for a garage curtain will be different from the usual set-up for windows.

    This is because you can’t run a rod along the top portion of the garage door.

    Instead, you’ll need a long rod or galvanized pipe that measures the length of your door.

    You will use this rod to set up the curtain.

    1. Use a T-fitting to connect the pipe to other pipes.

    You can also use a T-fitting with a floor flange to attach the rod to the ceiling and walls.

    1. Insert clips onto the pipe before securing it to the wall and ceiling.

    These clips will hold the curtains in place.

    Connect the final floor flange on the other end of the rod.

    You’re now complete with the assembly.

    1. The next step is to fasten the assembly to the wall and ceiling.

    Mark the areas where the flanges meet the surfaces.

    Drill a hole in the mounting holes on the flanges.

    Insert screws and then secure the apparatus using a screwdriver.

    Ensure that you’ve firmly attached the assembly in place.

    This will guarantee that your curtain will not fall even if there are strong winds or pulling forces.

    1. Set up your curtain by clipping them using the clips on the pipe.


    Setting up a removable curtain for your garage door can save you time when the situation requires it.

    If you want to transform your garage into a bedroom or event area temporarily, you’ll easily hide your garage door.

    If you want a permanent solution and decide to convert your garage, you should consider removing your garage door.

    For Pittsburgh’s best garage door services, don’t hesitate to contact Marksman Garage Doors.

    Our technicians can provide you with many garage door solutions, including old garage door removal.

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    Many people are now starting to invest in garage doors.

    Garage doors have become a necessity to protect our cars from physical threats outside and varying weather conditions.

    Moreover, a stylish garage door that complements the home’s exterior enhances curb appeal and home property value.

    Aside from being a parking area, more and more people are now using their garage space as a work or craft room.

    You can convert it to a small office, gym, art room, or even a man cave if you want to.

    As the garage can become a room to stay in for many hours, you might want some privacy or security.

    So one innovative way to get some privacy or add more security is to hide the garage door with a curtain.

    Why Use a Curtain to Hide a Garage Door?

    As mentioned, some people now use their garage door as a living space for work or hobby.

    So to enhance the interior appeal of the garage, you can use a curtain to cover your garage door.

    In that way, you can actually feel at home and concentrate on what you are doing.

    For instance, if you convert your garage to a small office, you might want to arrange it to look presentable and professional.

    Furthermore, if you have a glass-type garage door where the panels are mostly glass, you might want to cover your garage for privacy.

    Also, you can use a garage door curtain to help insulate the garage – which is especially essential for an attached garage connected to the HVAC system.

    Lastly, if you just want to cover your garage door to hide the fact that you have a garage, you can do so by using a curtain – it’s your preference.

    How to Hang Curtain on Garage Door

    Hanging a curtain at the front and back of a garage door can be a little unique.

    However, the process does not slightly change from the typical curtain setup.

    You can follow these steps on how to hide the garage door with a curtain:

    1. Measure the garage door you will cover.
    2. Purchase the right size of curtain.
    3. Tailor the curtain depending on the measured size by cutting or attaching it with other curtains.
    4. Install the hooks that will support the curtain rod.
    5. Attach the curtain to its rod and hang it to cover the garage door.
    6. Open and close the garage door to test if the curtain will affect the garage door mechanism.
    7. If there’s no more problem, close the garage door and enjoy your garage space.

    Note that these steps are only for the typical curtains found inside a house.

    For special curtains designed for a specific garage activity, ask the manufacturer how to install them.

    Excellent Garage Door Services

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