Garage Door Anti-Vibration Pads

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    Garage Door Anti-Vibration Pads

    Noisy garage doors have always been a big problem for almost all sorts of garage door owners out there.

    When your garage door becomes noisy, it can be caused by a lot of different things.

    Normally, noise is produced because of your garage door’s moving parts or all the vibration it produces.

    However, noise can also be a clear indication that something may be going on with your garage door’s different components.

    If your problem at hand seems to be due to the latter reason, then the best thing you should do is to have your garage door checked out and repaired right away in order to prevent situations from getting worse.

    However, if it is the previous, then the noise you are hearing is completely normal.

    Still, noise is noise and a lot of people would prefer not to have to deal with all this unnecessary noise coming from their garage doors.

    If you are one of these individuals, then you must be asking yourself the question – is there anything I can do to lessen all these unpleasant events?

    Well, the good news is, yes there is a way to dampen the noise being produced by your garage door and this can be done through the use of garage door anti-vibration pads.

    What exactly are garage door anti-vibration pads?

    Let us begin by answering the question of what exactly are anti-vibration pads all about and how do they work.

    Clearly, as the name implies, garage door anti-vibration pads are rubber paddings that work as some sort of a dampener or muffler in order to contain all the vibration your garage door has been doing and as well as reduce the noise along the process.

    If any part of your garage door vibrates a lot such as your opener and it keeps hitting your ceiling when it vibrates or something else that causes a loud noise like hollow metal support, then you can use anti-vibration pads to help you out with the problem.

    They isolate the sound made from contact between components because of the vibrations and at the same time prevent the vibrations from being felt inside your homes.

    How to install garage door anti-vibration pads

    Now that we have established how useful anti-vibration pads can be for any garage door owners out there, it is time to move on to the next big question about how to install these anti-vibration pads.

    Now, do not worry as installing anti-vibration pads into your door’s mechanical system can be really easy to do.

    As long as you have the required tools and materials to do so, then you will not be having any problem at all.

    Although it is well recommended that you leave the installation of anti-vibration pads on the more difficult parts of your garage door to a trained professional so as not to compromise your safety at all.

    Now, if you have all the tools you’ll need ready at hand then it is time to begin.

    The first thing you should do when installing these pads is to find and locate the areas where the vibration and/or noise is strong.

    Doing so will allow you to get as close as possible to the source.

    Once you have identified the areas where the anti-vibration pads need to be installed, then everything else will be easy to do.

    Now, your garage door anti-vibration pads must be placed in the area that is producing the noise so if for example, your brackets tend to hit another metal part every time your door vibrates, then put the dampener in between those two in order to prevent them from having contact.

    Basically, you just put it in an area where you want the vibration lessened or the noise dampened.

    If you still have no idea where to start, here are some ideas on where you can possibly install your anti-vibration pads:

    • Between your garage door openers and the frame holding them in place
    • Between the ceiling and the support of your garage door opener
    • Between the wall and the track-mounting bracket

    The main source of the vibration is your garage door opener after all so you may want to focus and start there.

    Then if you get any further ideas along the way, you can try working on them as well.

    Where to get garage door anti-vibration pads?

    If you are wondering where you can possibly get some anti-vibration pads for your overhead garage doors, then allow us to help you out further.

    Garage door anti-vibration pads can be purchased on your local hardware or online.

    You just simply have to get quality ones in order to get the best effect possible.

    Aside from that, you may also have them purchased from your local garage door repair company nearest your area.

    Although not all garage door repair companies have these in stock, some of them do in case the customer wants them installed.


    When your garage doors keep making noise and vibrate a lot, it can be really annoying and frustrating especially to the involved party.

    However, it is not as if there isn’t anything that you can actually do about it.

    The best way to deal with your vibrating garage doors is the use of anti-vibration pads.

    If you need some help installing these garage door anti-vibration pads for you, then we got your back.

    Marksman Garage Door is a garage door repair company in Pittsburgh that has been providing all sorts of garage door related services to the residents around the area.

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    Get to know more about our different rates and services by giving us a call or visiting us at our main office located in Pittsburgh.

    What are you waiting for?

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