Commercial Overhead Door Preventive Maintenance Checklist

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    Commercial Overhead Door Preventive Maintenance Checklist

    Garage doors have become somewhat of a necessity, especially in the commercial industry, as it allows one to easily keep their assets safe and protected all the time.

    After all, the benefits you can get from simply owning one is simply something you cannot deny.

    However, you also cannot ignore the fact that garage doors, may it be for commercial or residential use, is one of the most frequently used doors you will ever find.

    And being such, they will surely need to be taken care of and properly maintained.

    If you want to keep your garage doors in good functioning conditions all year round, then the best way to do this is by providing them with preventive maintenance.

    But exactly should be done during preventive maintenance activities?

    Well, to help you start things up, here are 5 things you should definitely consider including in your commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist.

    Observe your garage doors closely

    One of the things you should definitely do during preventive maintenance activities is closely monitoring and observing your garage door for anything that may be considered abnormal.

    This means that you should look out for clear tell-tale signs and indicators that your garage door is having some issues.

    To help you out, here are some of the most common indicators that there is definitely something wrong with your garage doors:

    • Your garage door is making loud unnecessary noises
    • Your garage door is moving slower than it should
    • Unbalanced garage doors
    • Loud clattering sounds coming from your garage doors

    If you have any of these issues with your garage doors, then surely, there is something wrong with your door or its different components.

    Try to identify and find what exactly is wrong with your garage door so that you can address it accordingly.

    Check for loose hardware

    Garage doors are moving mechanisms and as such, this means that it could possibly have loosened some of the screw, nuts, and bolts holding your different components in place from all the moving and vibration.

    This can be especially dangerous if left unattended as it could lead to accidents putting your life at risk.

    And this is exactly why you should include this in the things you should do during preventive maintenance.

    Look for the parts or components that have come loose from all the movement and make sure to secure them tightly back in place.

    By simply doing this, you are assured that your garage doors will keep functioning as they should without having to compromise your safety and those around you.

    Check your garage door’s balance

    Overhead garage doors, may it be for residential or commercial purposes were made and designed to be symmetrical and balanced.

    This is so that the load of the door is evenly distributed to all of its different parts and components.

    So if you have an unbalanced garage door, then your safety and those around you could potentially be compromised.

    This is because when your garage door is not balanced, this means that the components on one side of your garage door are subjected to more tension and stress in comparison to the other side resulting in that side breaking down faster than it normally should.

    To check or test your garage door’s balance, all you need to do is disconnect your opener from your door and lift your garage doors manually halfway.

    If nothing is wrong with your garage doors, then it should be able to hold them up.

    Otherwise, make sure to have it repaired right away by reaching out to your local garage door repair company to help you out.

    Check your weather seals

    Your overhead garage doors have weather seals or weathering strips located on the sides to make sure that the inside of your warehouse is completely protected from harm such as water flooding and the like.

    So, if you leave your worn-out weatherstripping seals on your garage doors instead of replacing them, you are putting at risk the safety of your protected goods from all sorts of harm.

    In order to make sure that the interior of your warehouse is well protected from all sorts of harm and unwanted factors, make sure to replace the seals right away at the first sign of damage.

    You can purchase weatherstripping seals for your garage doors from the nearest local hardware in your area, order them online, or purchase them from your local garage door repair company.

    All you need to do is make sure that the size is perfect for your garage door and you should be good to go.

    Lubricate moving parts

    During maintenance activities, you should also include lubricating your garage door’s moving parts as part of your to-do list.

    The simple act of lubricating can go a long way in ensuring that your garage doors keep functioning as they should.

    They not only prevent rust from forming on your door and its different parts’ surfaces but as well as help in prolonging each of its individual lifespans.

    By lubricating your garage door, you can also ensure smooth operations as they reduce the friction caused by the contact of different parts.

    You must however make sure that the grease you are using is the right one for your garage door needs and you can do this by researching it or by consulting your garage door repair technician about it.


    For your own personal commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist, there are a lot more you should definitely include but these are the things that, no matter what happens, you should definitely not miss.

    With these simple activities, your garage door’s performance and efficiency are improved by a lot and you do not have to worry about your doors suddenly breaking down on you.

    If you prefer a complete maintenance package for your commercial garage doors, then we recommend you consult the nearest garage door repair company in your area.

    If you are located in Pittsburgh and are looking for a garage door repair company that can provide you with commercial garage door services, then Marksman Garage Doors is the one you are looking for.

    Here at Marksman Garage Doors, we aim to provide services that are sure to satisfy our clients and at the same time made to last.

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    We cater to all kinds of garage door related needs and services so no matter what the problem is with your overhead garage door, we can surely have it fixed for you.

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    Get the best and most affordable services for your overhead garage doors, choose Marksman Garage Door.

    We will certainly not disappoint.

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