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Marksman Garage Doors is a Pittsburgh proud ,locally owned and operated servicing company.

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    Our high-quality professional garage door repair team will get your garage door repaired.
    We remain updated on all modern technology and specific trends and provide various services to the community of Pittsburgh.

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    Your desired clean look is just a call away. Your garage will always look immaculate with Marksman.
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    Nothing is worse than a racket-making garage door. Don’t put it off, get it fixed TODAY!


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    Prompt, friendly service. We had a little accident with our door, and they came out to us in a couple of hours late in the evening. Gave us a variety of options and prices to take care of our issue. Would happily recommend them.
    Robert Moyles


    Service was quick and professional. Had an emergency with our garage door and they were on site and fixed our issue same day. Would recommend!
    Rhonda Ikert


    I needed an emergency fix on my garage door, they were fast, friendly and efficient, and reasonably priced. I will definitely be using them again in the future.
    Denis Kennedy
    Penn Hills


    We provide the best repair services in Pittsburgh. Our warranty, just like our service, knows no bounds. That’s right - ALL of us parts and work is covered. Now THAT is comprehensive.

    Opening your automatic door manually is a waste of a good luxury. If it’s not working – let us fix it. Simple!

    Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair
    Garage Door Cable Repair

    If your cables are in any way damaged or are showing signs of wear and tear, give us a call.

    Are you facing issues with the garage door? Either it won’t open properly, or maybe the remote won’t work? It can be your garage door opener. For a FREE estimate, contact us.

    Garage Door Opener Repair
    Garage Door Spring Replacement

    If your garage door is not working properly, it may be due to some spring issues. We wouldn’t recommend attempting to replace these yourself, let a pro at it!

    Rollers and hinges that are damaged present a large hazardous risk – you should stop using your garage door immediately if so and let us know. We’ll be right out.

    Garage Door Parts Replacement
    Garage Door Track Adjustment & Replacement

    A common and yet very problematic issue you may have is misaligned
    tracks. Thankfully, we know exactly how to get you back on track.

    For residential and commercial establishments, we provide comprehensive installations, maintenance, preventive care, and repairs.

    Garage Door Installation
    Commercial Garage Door Repair

    If you want a commercial garage door repair in Pittsburgh, give one of our commercial specialists a call and they’ll assist you in a jiffy!
    Marksman Garage Doors offer top-quality garage door repair services to our customers in Pittsburgh and surrounding regions.

    the Marksman team

    Our team of experienced and qualified fitters are on hand to help. Providing a high quality service on a variety of garage door brands, styles and configurations, we offer a personal service that will leave you and your wallet happy.

    Does your garage door need fixing? Never attempt to repair overhead doors on your own, especially if you have no experience. It can be quite a dangerous job because you can get seriously injured if you don’t do it right. This is why it’s important that you contact one of our well-trained and experienced overhead doors repair professionals today so we can assess the problem and give you a quotation.

    Give us a call today.

    Garage Door Repair In Cranberry Township, PA

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    Years of Experience

    A professional team like ours needs to carry out a garage door’s repair, especially if it is an overhead type. When you contact us, we make sure that the garage door is properly fixed so that you, your family, or your employees
    are not at risk.

    Garage Door Repair In Pittsburgh, PA

    5 Star Repair Services

    YouTube and other social media platforms have plenty of DIY videos. Some of them are great! However, some should only be done by a professional.

    Garage Door Repair in Baldwin, Pittsburgh

    Our Reputation Is There For A Reason

    In Pittsburgh, our repair services are well-known. You know you are in safe
    hands when you choose Marksman.

    Garage Door Repair In Coraopolis, Pittsburgh

    Our Customers, Our Priority

    Rest assured, we’re there when you need us most. If you have an emergency, don’t hesitate, call right away.

    Marksman Experience

    For many years, our garage door repair company has been repairing all types of garage doors, and all of our team members are certified professionals who have undergone extensive training on how to do the job with safety in mind.

    Why is My Garage Door Jammed?

    Causes of jammed doors can be one of five reasons: off-track garage door,
    broken garage door springs, locked garage door, or lodged garage door
    track. Then wait for no further and call us for a free estimate.

    How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Garage Door?

    So our customers are left with no nasty surprises, we provide quotes only
    when we’ve taken a full look at the problem. That’s full transparency.

    Can I Fix it by Myself?

    Whilst some normal maintenance is encouraged if you know what you’re
    doing, many of our customers have attempted to fix their door themselves
    only to make matters worse and sometimes more expensive. If you’re
    unsure - ask the pros!

    Loud and Squeaky Garage Door

    A creaky door can not only be a sign of needed maintenance but can also be
    extremely annoying! It’s usually a simple fix, so let us come out and take
    your squeaking away!

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        Supporting Pittsburgh

        Hailed as the Steel City and City of Bridges of America, Pittsburgh is home to the steel industry. The industrialization of Pittsburgh over the years has been improving non-stop.

        Because of the number of steel bridges and buildings, it’s no wonder why Pittsburgh residents own vehicles as means of transportation. With the use of cars, residents can freely go wherever they want in Pittsburgh.

        Hence, there is a need for garages for every homeowner. A garage is where they keep their car and other belongings. In other words, it serves as storage for your belongings and equipment.

        Thus, garage doors are needed to protect your garage fully. Since they provide security and convenience, they are worth investing in. What’s more, they can last for a maximum of 20 years when taken care of well.

        However, malfunctioning can happen anytime for overhead doors. Because of this, many garage door repair companies in Pittsburgh offer you top-notch services – whether it’s a repair or a replacement.

        If you’re looking for one, Marksman Garage Doors is your best choice. As a garage door repair in Pittsburgh, PA, we will bring back your garage door fully-functional again.

        How We Fix Garage Doors

        Since garage doors nowadays are mostly automated, they are prone to damage. The electrical components and the parts’ manual operation can damage, primarily when used several times a day, and if you don’t take care of them well.

        For this reason, you should maintain them all the time. If you probably don’t know, maintenance can help you notice your garage door problems earlier.

        Once you detect the problems right away, the fixes are much cheaper than neglecting the issues for a long time. Besides, ignoring a garage door calls for significant repairs and replacement.

        However, doing the overhead door repairs by yourself is indeed dangerous. More so, if you don’t have any handyman skills or experience, the repairs might lead to further damage. As a result, you might be breaking the parts instead of repairing them.

        Once you spot issues with your garage door, you can always call a garage door repair in Pittsburgh. One of the best companies out there is Marksman Garage Doors. We are open 24 7 to cater to emergency requests any time of the day.

         Moreover, these are the residential and commercial garage door services we offer:

        Garage Door Spring Replacement: Springs allow you to open the garage door without bearing their full weight. While they last for many cycles (with one cycle equals one operation), they are prone to damage, wearing, and tearing.

        Once you notice any problems with your springs, such as corrosion, gaps, or wearing, seek help from us for a quick and efficient repair or replacement.

        Garage Door Opener Repair: Openers automate the movement of the garage door. When the motor breaks down, there’s a chance that it needs fixing.

        It’s essential to ask for an opener repair from a garage door repair in Pittsburgh, PA to fix it for you.

        Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement: Like springs, cables are one of the garage door’s heavy-duty components. However, when they break or snap, a DIY fix will not suffice.

        Whether you’re in Cranberry Township or Pittsburgh, call our team to safely and correctly fix your cable.

        Garage Door Tracks and Rollers Replacement and Adjustment: If you think tracks and rollers are easy to adjust and replace when they get damaged, you’re entirely wrong. When it comes to these parts, an intricate repair must be done to bring them back to their former glory.

        When you see your door is off-track, schedule an appointment with us to fix them right away.

        Garage Door Installation: Aside from the overhead door repairs mentioned above, we also provide garage door installation.

        Whether you need to buy a new one or a replacement, consult us on the type of garage door you want. We’ll help you decide, and eventually, we will install it for you.

        Garage Door Maintenance: Never ignore maintenance as it is the best way to keep your garage door intact and to operate that can last for many years. With proper care, you can even extend your garage door’s life.

        Book an appointment with us for maintenance. Depending on the door’s current condition, we will inform you how many times in the year you need the service. We will also teach you proper maintenance for your garage door.

        Team Up with Marksman Garage Doors!

        If you want your garage door to be fully-functional all the time, call us, and we’ll see if it needs repair, maintenance, or replacement.

        With our team, you don’t have to worry about a low-quality service. Instead, we will deliver a high-quality service to make you satisfied. Call us for a garage door repair in Pittsburgh, PA!